Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Catholic Scripture Study announces "The Book of Isaiah"!

Gail Buckley AKA "The Bible Lady" has some exciting news! Check it out! She says:

Catholic Scripture Study is pleased to announce The Book of Isaiah, a dynamic and in-depth study of “the Gospel of the Old Testament.” Authored by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, host of EWTN Live, and featuring pastoral videos by Fr. Patrick Winslow, The Book of Isaiah is coming to parishes everywhere this Fall. See the trailer below to discover why The Book of Isaiah is an experience you won’t want to miss. And call Catholic Scripture Study at (800) 437-5876 or visit online at to bring The Book of Isaiah to your parish today.)

Expertly written by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, host of EWTN LiveThe Book of Isaiah is an immersive, deep study of Scripture. Yet, it does not get lost in merely the academic, Fr. Pacwa—and especially Fr. Patrick Winslow, in his pastoral videos that accompany each lesson—offers invaluable guidance on how to apply each lesson to your own spiritual life.


Although Isaiah was written 750 years before the birth of Jesus, understanding this great prophet is crucial to really understanding Christ. St. Jerome referred to the book of Isaiah as “the gospel of the Old Testament” because Isaiah prophesied more about the Our Lord than any other book in the Old Testament. He also described in great detail the blessings of the future kingdom of the Messiah. 

And Isaiah’s impact endures to this day. We see his writings all over the life of the Church. Passages from Isaiah pepper the readings at Mass during Lent, Advent, and Easter; and are featured prominently in the Liturgy of the Hours. 

The Church knows how important Isaiah is, now discover its many riches for yourself. Grow closer to Christ by discovering the ancient foreshadowing of Our Lord in The Book of Isaiah. This study will not only increase your knowledge of Christ and Isaiah, but it will deepen your faith. You can find more information and pricing here:

Catholic Scripture Study provides all the tools you need to start and maintain a successful bible study, whether it’s The Book of Isaiah or one of our many other rewarding programs. You do not need to be an experienced catechist to implement and lead a CSS class. Any lay person can establish this truly life-changing program in their parish community, or even in their own home. We give you everything you need to conduct a study: materials, Q&As, pastoral videos, discussion points, and even promotional and recruitment materials!

We offer studies for everyone, even if you do not have a lot of spare time. Our studies range from 4 to 28 weeks, but all offer a level of depth that is simply not found anywhere else.

For more information on The Book of Isaiah—or any of our other excellent studies—or for help finding or establishing a study group in your area, please visit:   


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