Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All Saints Costumes and Ideas

Are you ready for some fun?

Too cute, or what?

He looks like he has a vocation! :)

Jessica at Shower of Roses has many creative ideas. Here are some of her costumes. You can go to her blog for all of the directions. She also lists a pdf file towards the end of her post which has a bunch of more costumes to choose from and many more ideas! Take a look at her blog. She is full of creative ideas.

Here's an example of part of her list:


Use and adult T-shirt, with a rope, sash, or belt around the waist, sandals, and there is your costume! Or use brown, gray, or black material, cut a hole in the top when folded in half. Use face paint for beard.

St. Peter: have keys or net hanging at his waist

St. Francis: cut out a bird and safety pin it on his shoulder, put on some patches.

One year a friend of mine pinned all sorts of stuffed animals to the base of her sons habit. It was SO cute!

St. Brendan: 400-500’s, Irish missionary monk in brown habit that went to America before the Vikings or Columbus!

St. Constantine, St. Benedict and St. Anthony the Abbot: all were monks, place rosary in belt

St. Theophylact: Asian Monk, 8th century, established hospices, imprisoned the last 35 yrs. of life.

St. Joseph: foster father of Jesus, carpenter by trade, hang a hammer from the belt.

St. John the Baptist: fake fur or leather & sandals. Perhaps tie a strip of cloth around the forehead.

Here are some more costumes and directions (the pdf I mentioned with lots more ideas).

Tomorrow, I plan to post a lot of ideas for games for All Saints' celebrations. Please chime in and offer your own ideas for costumes, games, activities, stories, or whatever you'd like to share.


  1. These are so sweet! I remember dressing as saints as a child and always had to be ready with an answer as to who I was. It a great lesson that is never forgotten.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Elizabeth. I just peeked at your blog - very nice. :)

    You're right that it is a great lesson - never forgotten. That's exactly why we must reach the young, while we have time to plant the seeds.
    God bless!

  3. Donna, I have been sweating over a saints costume my first-grader needs this week. It might be too late to pull off some of the more elaborate ones, but now I've got some more ideas. The priest one would work in a jiffy. :) And oh, those little ones sure are cute dressed up like that! So precious.

  4. Hi, Roxane! I'm glad you found some inspiration here. :) Check out Jessica's blog too - amazing ideas and creativity plus ALL of the directions!


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