Friday, October 2, 2009

Visiting the EWTN studio this past week to film my new series!

I'm sharing some snippets of my week at the EWTN television studio in Irondale, Alabama this past week. It was great to return. I had been there last year to tape an episode of EWTN's Bookmark with the ever-gracious Doug Keck. I also participated in a series for the Faith & Culture show with host, Colleen Carroll Campbell in a roundtable discussion with a few other women who also had attended the Vatican international congress commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Mulieris Dignitatem in Rome last year.

EWTN is an amazing place to visit. I returned there this past week to film 25 segments of a series of short segments for Catholic Moms called: Everyday Blessings for Catholic Moms and an episode of EWTN's Bookmark show.

It was so wonderful to be able to participate at holy Mass each day and vespers during my time at EWTN. Incidentally, after I returned home, a friend came up to me before Mass tonight and told me that she had seen me on EWTN TV at Mass and she thought that was so special. I happened to catch part of the Mass on TV last night while I was catching up with some emails upon returning home. I put on EWTN (the only channel I watch) as a background at the time. When I noticed it was the same Mass I had attended that morning, I took notice. It was interesting to see the people at Mass that I had met during my stay there. Then, I was surprised to see myself there at Mass too! Sure, I knew I had been there for Mass at 7:00 am earlier that day, but I guess I never expected to see myself on TV at Mass.

So, about the series...the production department put a lot of time and thought into creating the set for my series: "Everyday Blessings for Catholic Moms." The photographs you see here on the set are from my own home. I really thought that was such a nice touch. The set designer and art department did a great job.

Here I am on the set of "Everyday Blessings for Catholic Moms."

Waiting a moment between segments while director, John Kuklinski looked on.

Cameraman, Roger, and Michael, the producer (right) prepare a set for some taping. I enjoyed working with all of the camera crew as well.

Standing with Michael Baker, my producer (on the left) and Peter Gagnon the Program director for EWTN. It was great working with these gentleman. It was also a blessing to work with Lee South, the producer of EWTN's Bookmark show.

Michael by the camera in the Franciscan chapel. We had special permission to use the Friar's private chapel for something we needed in the series.

He snapped a shot of me too.

A part of the set - one of my wedding pictures.

I'll be sure to keep you posted about when my series will premiere. It should take a couple of months to put it all together. The EWTN's Bookmark segment with Doug Keck that I also taped while at EWTN will most-likely air before or during Lent next year. Doug interviewed me about my books: The Domestic Church: Room by Room: A Mother's Study Guide (Circle Press) and Grace Cafe: Serving Up Recipes for Faithful Mothering (Circle Press) as well as mentioned some of my previous books and a mention of my forthcoming Mother Teresa book: Mother Teresa and Me: Ten Years of Friendship (Circle Press) and my forthcoming book with Alpha/Penguin: The Heart of Catholicism.

Please pray that my series: Everyday Blessings for Catholic Moms will help to inspire Catholic and Christian mothers everywhere. Also, please keep the wonderful people at EWTN in your prayers. I met so many of the faithful followers of Christ who work behind the scenes and in every aspect of the ongoing evangelization work at EWTN.

I really felt a part of the EWTN family. I feel very blessed and I want to share those blessings with all of you. Thank you in advance for your prayers that my series for Catholic Moms will come out well and help to uphold the dignity of the vocation of motherhood and also remind Catholic mothers about the beauty and holiness of their role as mothers in the hearts of their homes.


  1. Great news, and we look forward to your new show! The set looks like one of the guest houses!!!

  2. You are right, Colleen! It was filmed on location at one of the houses - the Magnificat house. Thanks for your kind words.

    God bless you!

  3. I think I stayed there, too!! Oh, Donna, I am so excited for you and what a blessing it is for the rest of us for them to have someone as solid and orthodox as yourself on several programs. Praise God! I can't wait to see you on television!

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Elena Maria! Yes, praise God! All glory to God forever!!

  5. Donna, what a phenomenal opportunity and experience, and I must say, you look incredibly beautiful. That's just icing on the cake of what you have got going inside. The world is eager to hear what you have overflowing and are ready to share. I had butterflies for you looking at you on the set, thinking of how amazing this is. We don't have EWTN anymore, so I only catch it on radio. I'm bummed about that. Might have to try to change that. Blessings friend!

  6. This is VERY exciting, Donna! So glad I emailed you today. Thanks for the link, I WILL be watching!

    Thank you so much for all you do for the Catholic mom and family!!


  7. Roxane, You are always such a wonderful supporter! Thank you for your kind words, compliments, and generous prayers. I pray that the series came out well. Too bad you don't have EWTN. It is really the only channel I watch. I'll occasionally watch a movie on another channel if the family wants to, or DVD's and videos with the family.

    You'll have to fill me on on the recording you've been doing that you mentioned recently.

    Thanks again, dear friend!
    god bless and hugs!

  8. Hi Ebeth! So nice to hear from you. PLEASE keep the series in your prayers that God's holy will be done to help mothers and families everywhere.

    God bless and hugs!

  9. This is so exciting, Donna-Marie! Your home away from home! I love seeing they have a set for you. It is good for the viewer to feel at home, too.

    I watch EWTN all the time, too. The same Mass at 5 on the West Coast is on several times that day! I am a widow and I leave EWTN on all night - the light is good in case I get up for anything and it is wonderful to have the Holy Spirit minister to me all night; should I roll over and hear something I want to save, I reach for the remote and click 'record' and have it the next day. My husband went home in 2006 and every single night since then EWTN has been the light in the bedroom.

    I will be watching for you! God bless you, dear Facebook friend!

  10. Hi Terry,

    That's so nice to know that EWTN comforts you all night! I'll have to tell them.

    Yes, my home away from home. I'd love to go back some time in the near future. And, you are right, it's good for the viewer to feel at home - that's the brilliant thought on the part of my producer, Michael Baker.

    Thanks for your kind words, Terry, my Face Book friend!

    God bless you!

  11. Donna-Marie, what a beautiful set! It looks very warm and welcoming.

    It will be wonderful to have another quality program to watch on EWTN. I am so looking forward to it, my "Facebook friend!" :-)

    With much love and prayers,

  12. Lisa,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm glad you feel that the set is warm and welcoming. That's what we are hoping. :)

    I'll keep you posted on Face Book about the premiere dates. Check out my blogs too when you have time.

    God bless and hugs!

  13. Donna-Marie, I am again very much inspired by you! Something I have wondered about for a while when it comes to writing, marketing, and publishing is how to get the word out about something we feel God has led us to write without coming across as proud or arrogant. Your example of humility, enthusiasm, living out the faith, and quality writing have shown me that it's possible to be a good writer, devout Catholic, and excellent at marketing. I'm sure I still have a great deal more to learn from you, but thank goodness the blessing of the Catholic Writers' Conference gave me the opportunity to meet you and be inspired!
    God has blessed you abundantly, and no doubt, will continue to do so. Thank you for the hope you give to writers aspiring to have their books published as part of living out the call to glorify God!

  14. Trisha,

    Thank you for your very kind and warm words. To answer your question..."Something I have wondered about for a while when it comes to writing, marketing, and publishing is how to get the word out about something we feel God has led us to write without coming across as proud or arrogant." If God wants something, it will come to be. If He wants us to be passionate about a particular message - He will put that in our hearts and compel us to speak or write to express it. If we are faithful and prayerful to Him, He can use us. He told us not to hide our lights under a bushel, right?. I agree with seems that you are implying that we have to find that balance so that we don't come off as arrogant or proud. Yes, God will give us the balance. We need to stay close to our Lord and His Blessed Mother and pray, have patience, and persevere, by God's grace. All in God's timing - He is in control.

    I'm so glad that my message, by God's grace, brings you hope as a writer to get the word out. Let me now if I can help in any other way. I'll do what I can to help a fellow writer who wants to give glory to God! I'll say a prayer for you too, in case you have a book in the works or in the future. I'm sure there will be many, by God's grace!

    God bless and hugs!

  15. Hi Donna-Marie,

    WOO-HOO! Thanks be to God! *happy dance* All looks great. Best wishes and prayers and joy, Pat

  16. Thanks very much, Pat! Your "happy" words and prayers warm my heart. :)


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