Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Your Little Lenten Steps

What little steps are you taking this Lent? What are you doing with your children? We don't have to make great big sacrifices to please God this Lent. Little things offered with great love are very pleasing to God according to St. Therese, Blessed Mother Teresa and many other saints.

Fasting and abstinence can be incorporated into each one of our days. We can fast and abstain from little pleasures, such as an extra helping of food, a dessert, a TV show, a game for the kids, time on the Internet, and anything you may enjoy. For example, you can cut short a hot shower or bath as a little mortification and offer the small sacrifice to God.

 Will you remember to pray for our priests each day? They sure need our prayers.

What "little" things are you doing or do you plan to do this Lent?

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