Saturday, January 28, 2012

Embracing Motherhood: Embracing your motherhood!

Embracing Motherhood: Embracing your motherhood!

My vocation of motherhood!

Jennifer Send reviewed my book Embracing Motherhood. Her review can be seen at Amazon and here:

Another beautifully written book by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle! "Embracing Motherhood" is a must read for all mothers who are striving to be the wives and mothers God has called them to be. Donna-Marie offers many wonderful ideas for passing on the Catholic Faith to our children, through the rich tradition of The Church. She has raised five children and has a lot of wisdom to share with mothers who are raising their children now and are struggling with trying to create a "domestic church" in our families, while fighting the temptations of the culture. Through reading this book, I have a deeper understanding of how important my vocation of motherhood is and how I must keep my eyes focused on Christ, who will give me the strength I need to be the best mother I can be!

Thank you very much, Jennifer! I am so glad that my book has inspired you in your vocation of motherhood. God bless you and your family!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Daily Donna-Marie: A Dose of Inspiration: Article in Publisher's Weekly

Daily Donna-Marie: A Dose of Inspiration: Article in Publisher's Weekly: Publisher's Weekly includes my Lenten book in it's article:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa Review

available at:
A new review on Amazon:

"My children are young, 6, 3 and 1.5 years old. Each year proceeding up this one I have done my Lenten journey "on my own" so to speak. I always kept my eyes open for a family way of sharing Lent and nothing ever caught my eye. The entries are easily understood and simple enough for younger kids and yet they are quite meaningful for us adults. I have to say I have read every book Ms. O'Boyle has written and every time I have felt quite compelled to be the best Catholic mom I could be. This Lenten book from her is no different, and it's something I can introduce Lent to my children with. Maybe not the baby this year, but definitely the other two. I am looking forward to this journey with them and I am very inspired my Ms. O'Boyle's Fasting and Alms giving suggestions. I may have to use them outside of Lent! She makes it oh, so warm and inviting to bring your child (and self) into the Lenten season and our beautiful Catholic faith. Thank you! And God Bless! :)"

Thank you very much, Jennifer Brown. You are very kind. I pray that you and your family are thoroughly blessed this upcoming Lenten season!

God bless and a big hug!


The Vocation of Motherhood is extraordinary!

My guest post about the extraordinary vocation of motherhood over at Franciscan Media (American Catholic) today is here:

Enjoy reading it and then give yourselves a pat on the back! :)

God bless and a big hug,

Audio format of my book available at my website too

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa

Here's a new review of Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa from Amazon...

"I love to bring the Liturgical seasons to life in our family. This book does that for the season of Lent. It begins on Ash Wednesday and guides the family through each day. It reminds us that Lent is a period of fasting, abstinence, and prayer. Each day includes a parental reflection, a family prayer, a short story from the life of Mother Teresa, and great idea for fasting and almsgiving. It isn't too wordy or difficult for children to understand. For example, the author suggests for fasting one day, "Ask the children to fast from complaining and grumbling today." And for almsgiving, she suggests, "Encourage the children to pay someone a compliment today." We will use this resource every year."

Thank you very much for your review! God bless you and yours!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bringing Lent Home review

A new review over at Amazon for my book: Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa by Melanie. Thank you very much, Melanie! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Lent using this family devotional:

HERE IS HER REVIEW: "I am pleased with my copy of this book. It's a wonderful value for only $2.50! Each day of Lent has 2 pages devoted to reflections, prayers, a brief story from Mother Teresa's life, suggestions for almsgiving and fasting. As an example, one day encourages asking children to fast from complaining and then give away 10 beautiful smiles for almsgiving.

I especially appreciate that there is a reflection for parents, and then also a family prayer for each day. I look forward to sharing this book with my family this year!

The days are not dated, so this is a wonderful Lenten companion for many years."

This book is available autographed from my website: 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I received a private Face Book message from a woman earlier today which said: 

"Gee, Donna. Now that the Archbishop of NY has endorsed your book about motherhood, we can throw the BVM and begin your cause for canonization."

I guess she was referring to the fact that I commented on Archbishop's Dolan's post in which he announced a trip to Rome (a pilgrimage) when he becomes a Cardinal.

And, I replied to this woman in a FB message in response to her message:

 "XXXXXXXX, I'm not sure what you are trying to say and why you would approach me like this. May God bless you and yours."

Then, she said: 

"THAT is just my point. It is obvious you understand little. Your comments and posts of Archbishop Dolan have turned the Archdiocese of NY into one big animal act of arrogance and self promotion. And may God help us all."

So, I said:

"You are totally mistaken. I commented once. Why didn't you criticize me publicly? Why are you hiding behind a FB message?"

Then, she said:

"I am not hiding at all. It is YOU who are cashing in on religion and reducing the office of Archbishop to a business conducive to your own behalf. You are an obvious member of that EWTN hit parade of Eugene Clark, John Corapi and the like who miscontrue the phrase "made in the image and likeness of God". BTW, you're not within the NY Archdiocese, are you? Not many of Dolan's fans are. Gee.... I wonder why? Please don't take my words as criticism. They are not meant that way....simply observation and overstatement of the obvious. Good luck with that halo you're attempting to build around your head. I hope it's worth it. You have NO idea how many unnecessary abortions are caused by women such as yourself. NO idea."

So, I said:

"I'm wondering if what you have to say in the form of your attacks of me here in the private messages couldn't be said in the public thread on Face Book. Is that because you know how uncharitable you are acting? And where is this all coming from? I don't know you and you don't know me. But, I am praying for you and wish you well."

SO, WHAT DO YOU THINK? I suspect the woman is hurting inside and just lashed out irrationally. Please say a prayer for this woman (and me too!). Thank you and God bless!

Reaching Out to a Love-Starved World

Reaching Out to a Love-Starved World

Monday, January 9, 2012

Radio Segment regarding Embracing Motherhood!

I'm on today - click the link and look on the right of the page for "American Catholic Radio." Click that and you'll see info. about my radio segment. It's #12-03. Click the play button and enjoy. :)

I did this specific radio interview when I was out in Cincinnati visiting my publisher Servant Books to narrate my newly released book: Embracing Motherhood. It was an interesting and fun experience recording the book for the audio format.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Marie Bellet's newest work

Marie Bellet releases fifth CD – ‘Everything Changes’

Called the ‘Queen of Catholic Pop’ and a ‘Renaissance woman’ for her music

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 6, 2012 – After nine children, an undergraduate degree from Swarthmore and an MBA from Vanderbilt, what’s a mother to do? For Elm Street Records recording artist Marie Bellet, the answer involved returning to the studio with a new batch of original songs.

Her fifth CD, Everything Changes, captures in 14 tracks the role that Faith plays in the joys, sorrows and challenges of marriage and motherhood. It is available now from Ignatius Press. Her other albums include What I Wanted to Say (1997), Ordinary Time (2000), Lighten Up (2003) and A New Springtime (2006).

“The songs on this album reflect my experiences of the past five years – sending my first three sons off to college, starting over with a brand new baby boy and discovering that we do not really have that much control over how things turn out,” Bellet said. “I found that I kept saying to myself, ‘Whenever I think that I know what I am doing, everything changes!’”

Everything Changes includes songs that relate to all different phases of motherhood. Those familiar with Bellet’s earlier work will see this collection as a progression into a new understanding of what love requires of people. They will not, however, hear divergence from the foundation of her music.

“All I have to do is show up with my kids at the grocery store,” she said. “That is where the culture war is fought, surrounded by glossy magazines that promise happiness if you shed pounds and obligations. My songs offer a different vision of what it means to be a fulfilled woman.”

I have the CD and I have to say it's AWESOME!

NY Archbishop Dolan Named Cardinal by Vatican - WNYC

NY Archbishop Dolan Named Cardinal by Vatican - WNYC