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Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa for more than Lent!

This reviewer recommends Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa as a book to be used year-round:

"We have enjoyed this book very much throughout Lent this year, especially the little glimpses of Mother Teresa's life interwoven with each day's reflections. Though more sporadic than we'd hoped, our family's experience with "Bringing Lent Home" has been a blessing each time we've picked up the book. Forget consigning it to the 40 days of Lent, this book is a good springboard for families in their discussion and prayer time any day of the year.
Blessed Mother Teresa, ora pro nobis +"

This book as well as all of my other books are available at my website: 

[this review was found on Amazon] A heartfelt thanks to the reviewer!

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Lean your head on Mary's heart: Moved to a filial love of Mary...

Lean your head on Mary's heart: Moved to a filial love of Mary...: "Let the faithful remember that true devotion consists neither in sterile or transitory affection, nor in a certain vain credulity, but pro...

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Lean your head on Mary's heart: Through Mary's intercession...

Lean your head on Mary's heart: Through Mary's intercession...: "Mary is the mediatrix of grace...whatever graces we receive, they come to us through her intercession."~St. Alphonsus Liguori

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My launch of "Food for the Family's Soul!"

Here's the launch of my new radio show, "Food for the Family's Soul" on "The Bishop's Radio Hour"  which will be brought to you each month, God willing. Bob Dunning and I will be sharing about Catholic family issues. I hope you can join us. I'll post a reminder in advance of the show and hopefully also post a link to hear it afterwards in the archives.

Click on the link to hear the first one here:

Enjoy and God bless!


Monday, March 12, 2012

New Family Radio Show!

I will be launching along with host Bob Dunning, a new family radio show: "Food for the Family's Soul" TODAY at NOON EST on Immaculate Heart Radio, 1620am (Sacramento area) and 1250am (Stockton area). Tune in:

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Embracing Motherhood: "After Miscarriage"

Embracing Motherhood: "After Miscarriage"

Lenten Sale on Grace Cafe!


Ever wish you had a cookbook for life as a Catholic wife and mother...a step-by-step guide for various "domestic church" situations? Consider your prayers answered. The recipe themes may be lighthearted, fun even, but there's real nourishment to be had in this wonderful dish too. Inspiring entrees--practical ways Catholic women can live out their familial vocation--are seasoned with simple suggestions for answering Christ's universal call to holiness.

A special section of lovely poems and prayers end the book on a note of warmth that will lift hearts beyond the kitchen and up towards heaven.
Grace Cafe; Serving Up Recipes for faithful Mothering

Filled with uplifting stories and advice for Catholic mothers. Each chapter ends with a recipe card which has a "recipe" for all different issues regarding Catholic mothering. The end of the book holds verses and prayers for mothers written to uplift, affirm, and encourage.

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle provides levity and strong spiritual advice in this recipe themed instruction manual for Catholic wives and mothers. Paperback. 219 pages - $14.95 NOW ON SALE FOR LENT!

Regularly $14.95 each, now only $10.00 each or 2 for $18.00!  Use these pay pal buttons below to order to receive the sale price.

$10.00 each:

Two books for $18.00:

Sample excerpt from Recipe Card from book:

A Savory Broth of Unforgettable Teachings

"How do I get my family to spend more time together and treat Sundays as the Lord's day?"

I set the tone in my home for Sundays, and I also set the parameters and expectations for my family regarding Mass and Sunday dinner: not planning unnecessary shopping trips by fostering an atmosphere of rest and fun with friends and relatives, and hopefully even finding a quiet time to ponder and pray.

Excerpts from book:

"I remember when I was a little girl drying dishes after dinner each evening while my mother washed. I never thought of it being a painful or annoying chore. I actually enjoyed it because I was doing something with my mother. I was always bursting at the seams to let my mother in on the latest clues I had discovered in the many adventures of the Nancy Drew books I was reading at the time. She listened intently as I chattered away to her. She seemed very interested in me recounting the stories. In no time, the dishes were all clean, dried, and put away. There were other times when--in between the Nancy Drew talk--I could casually insert something that was on my mind. It was my mother's and my time to talk as she passed the clean dishes to me, an I dried them and put them away.

Don't be afraid to get your kids involved with household chores. You can make it personal by investing time in your conversations with them while you are busy with your tasks. As a mother, I have found that sometimes it is much easier to have a discussion about an important or sensitive topic while doing something side by side rather than face-to-face with our children. Children are more apt to open up to us while we are spending time with them..."

 ‎"At times, we may set aside a special prayer time in which we hope to have at least a few quiet moments of spiritual reading and meditation. We prepare to meet with our Lord: kneeling, hands clasped, ready to pray--and suddenly our toddler runs in after waking up early from a nap, fully energized and in need of our immediate attention. Or at times a distraught relative calls...There should be no concerns about a lost time with Jesus because our arranged prayer time was interrupted. We serve God in our children and in others. Our Lord hears our prayers..."

Lean your head on Mary's heart: She mothered Jesus and really wants to mother us t...

Lean your head on Mary's heart: She mothered Jesus and really wants to mother us t...: "A faithful mother learns to call upon the Blessed Mother often. She mothered Jesus and really wants to mother us too! She was human like u...

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Lean your head on Mary's heart: Mary works miracles!

Lean your head on Mary's heart: Mary works miracles!: "Several years ago I was in the hospital, recovering from a procedure following a miscarriage. I remember praying the rosary as I struggled ...

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Lean your head on Mary's heart: The charity of the Virgin

Lean your head on Mary's heart: The charity of the Virgin: "There is no one who prays that does not receive graces through the charity of the Virgin"~St. Bridget of Sweden

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Radio today!

Radio TODAY: 10:00 a.m. Eastern (I'll be on at 10:15 AM)

Blessed John Paul the Great's Leafeaters Club Radio Show
hosted by Terry Moran and John Lillis
will discuss: “Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa”
FHC Radio Network


Radio Show: "A Cup of Tea with Donna-Marie"
with Cheryl and Jim of Domestic Church Media

Listeners can tune in through the website and click on LISTEN NOW for STREAMING LIVE.

Listeners can also tune in to 1260 AM is for the Trenton/Princeton/Bucks County area

And 89.3 FM is for Freehold/Colts Neck/ Spring Lake area

Blackberry and i-phones have a free APP; simply search for WFJS

 On any other hand held type phone, one can go to and search for WFJS and listen that way...also free.