Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marie Bellet's new CD!

Have you heard about Marie Bellet's new CD?

I have really enjoyed her music.. I am looking forward to listening to her newest CD. Here's a short press release and words from Marie explaining her music...

(Nashville, TN) In August of 2011 music artist, Marie Bellet, once dubbed the Queen of Catholic Pop, will be releasing her long awaited fifth album. A stay-at-home mother of nine, Marie once defied industry expectations by selling nearly 40,000 albums without the help of a record label or a marketing team. Now, a popular speaker at Marriage and Family conferences, Marie Bellet inspires thousands of housewives and husbands throughout the United States and Canada by sharing her profound perspective on life and family.

“In the past I’d written mostly about everyday family life, raising kids at home where everything was sweet and secure. Now that three of mine have left home, and one of those is in the military about to be deployed, these new songs are about learning a more detached love. Detached love doesn’t always feel good and it asks so much more of us. Many of these songs are to encourage my kids as they make their way out into the world. Some are to encourage myself and other parents who are in the trenches, doing the same thing. When kids leave home it redefines everything you’ve been doing for the past 20 years. It makes each day so much more important, and each face so much more beautiful. And, I must admit, it puts you in your place.” says Marie Bellet.


  1. Got the new CD - LOVE IT! Especially Carry On and Everything Changes... This House is the Place to be is wonderful too... nothing not to like about this one


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