Saturday, June 2, 2012

A bat in the house!

Well, never a dull moment in this domestic church! Just when I thought I could relax at night, our trusty cat, Chop chop let us know that there was something on our fireplace hearth. My daughter thought it might be a mouse. "No, wait, I think it's a bird!" she said. Oh no! I thought, it's got to be a bat--our third one that somehow made it into the house in the past year (the other two stories are a bit crazy and too long to tell you about right now).

So, upon further inspection, we found the bat clinging to the side of the hearth. What do you do at almost midnight when you're exhausted, but you know you have to get that bat out of the house? First, we put Chop chop safely in another room (yep, he's up-to-date on his rabies vaccine) so he wouldn't try to catch the bat. My first instinct to capture anything is to grab a container. Yes, a container! It worked. I was able to put it over the bat quickly and then I carefully slid a file folder underneath. I decided to slide the whole thing across the living room floor and towards the front door (on my knees!). I couldn't chance that it would push it's way out before I got it safely outside.

I carefully slid the container up and over the threshold and then I quickly flung the container outside so the bat could fly safely away. Phew!


  1. Been there. Done that. :) Not here but in our former home in the country in Kentucky.

  2. glad that you got it out you are braver then me.

  3. Thanks, Barbara. I'm sure you would have done some similar. You are brave and I know it for sure! :)


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