Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Holy Spirit in your life...

While the Holy Spirit is fresh on our minds on this feast of Pentecost, how has the Holy Spirit inspired you as a parent sibling, aunt, uncle, son, daughter, or grandparent? Did I forget anyone?

Do you feel the Holy Spirit is moving in some way within your "domestic church"? Remember those wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit that we were all given on our Confirmation days? Wisdom, Courage, Knowledge, Piety, Understanding, Counsel, Fear of the Lord. How do they appear in our lives? Do you feel like sharing with us? I hope you will.

And, by the way, my new book, The Heart of Catholicism published by Alpha/Penguin which will be released in the very near future will speak about all things Catholic. It speaks about the Holy Spirit in depth and the gifts and fruits.

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