Friday, May 29, 2009

The Very First "View from the Domestic Church" post!


I am launching the "View From the Domestic Church" blog. I hope you'll share your "domestic church" stories, advice, tips, and prayers here. Spread the word about this place to share, please.

I'll begin this launch with this prayer from my book, The Domestic Church: Room by Room: A Mother's Study Guide:

Dear Lord,

Please open my heart fully to your will in my life. Help me to recognize that my life should be an unceasing prayer to you in order that my family may become sanctified and that I may fulfill your holy will. Deepen my prayer life, my fervor of desire, and my love for you; reminding me to call upon the graces within the sacrament of my marriage so that I may guide my family with pure and holy love. Thank you for your blessings and opportunities to serve you, dear Lord.


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