Monday, November 2, 2009

Never a dull moment...

Never a dull moment! I had to chase a coyote out of my yard today. It was trying to pick a fight with my dog, Sweetpea at around lunch time. A pack of coyotes will send one coyote out to try to get your dog or other animal and entice him or her to another spot. Then, the whole pack will attack and kill the poor animal. They'll just go ahead and attack and kill smaller animals on the spot without a problem.

My dog is beginning to lose her hearing so I had to yell for her to come in and then go closer so she could see me and hear me. I didn't want to get too close to the coyote. Brave Sweetpea was barking and inching towards her to chase her out of our property. I yelled at the coyote to "GET OUT OF HERE!!!" And it did leave. It took a little bit. It turned around and meandered out of our driveway and down the road. Sweetpea still wanted to protect me by barking and inching towards the wild animal and I had to get her safely in the house. It was scary since just last week I read in the news about the poor nineteen year old who was hiking in Canada and was attacked by two coyotes. Unfortunately, she couldn't be saved and she died. Let's pray for her soul. I have been.

Incidentally, the pictures here are not of the actual coyote that visited us today. The photos are from the Internet.


  1. That must have been nerve-wracking! My 7yo loves coyotes and I've learned so much about them because of his interest. They truly are amazing animals (but I'd be scared to see one in my yard, coaxing my dog away!)

  2. Hi Melanie,

    They are amazing animals but be sure to let your son know that they are dangerous animals lest he think otherwise. Now I have to be on the lookout all of the time to keep my animals safe. Our neighbor said that the coyote got some of their chickens yesterday.

    God bless!

  3. Thanks, Donna. We see them often, and we have talked about their danger. We also sometimes see wild javelinas (but not as often in the desert near us) They're another animal that we must steer clear of! Thankfully, the scent of a javelina gives plenty of warning when they're nearby.


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