Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Bliss or Summer Stress?

"Many Catholic moms all over are hoping and praying for a blessed, relaxing, happy, and holy summer. They’ve had busy years and are longing for some well-deserved rest and relaxation if that is at all possible. I’ve spoken to many moms lately and some have shared that they are a bit nervous and apprehensive about what might happen to their semi-structured days they’ve been accustomed to throughout the school year, knowing that the schedule and dynamics in the household will dramatically change once the kids are finished with their home-schooling classes or have completed their year at their schools.

What’s a mother to do to maintain some sort of balance for her summer days? Let’s talk about a few areas of our lives that we might have at least some control of and explore what we can do to make even some slight changes to help us accomplish our goal to have that blessed, relaxed, happy and holy summer we wish for. We can focus on the subjects of prayer, our “down” time or relaxation, activities for ourselves and our family, household chores, and summer outings...( my newest summer article is continued here at Catholic Exchange).

(Feel free to leave a comment here and at Catholic Exchange. God bless your summer!)

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