Thursday, September 9, 2010


In case you didn't know, I am in Rome! I have been here since Sunday, Mother Teresa's feast day. I have so much to write to you about - all of the wonderful experiences here, but every night I get back to my apartment very late and in desperate need of sleep! We have packed to the brim days here at the Church Up Close Program held at the University of the Holy Cross. This is my feeble (but loving) attempt to at least write a short "Ciao!" with a promise for more news soon. :) How's that? I am taking lots of photos but don't have a way to upload them from my camera right now. I'll post the few I have on my IPhone soon. You'll have to wait until I get back home to see the others.

One highlight of today was going to Mass tonight at a church of St. Monica. Her relics are under the altar! I have a few photos. You can bet I prayed for all mothers and grandmothers out there who are praying for their children's and grandchildren's return to the Church. I asked for her intercession for everyone!

I was also interviewed by Rome Reports about my book Mother Teresa and Me: Ten Years of Friendship and my relationship with her. It was filmed up on the rooftop of the University of the Holy Cross here in Rome where the conference is being held. The backdrop up there on the roof is unbelievably magnificent! The piece may be on the website of Rome Reports.Com on Tuesday and then at some point it will be aired through EWTN TV.

I'll write again when I can. You are in my prayers! Please pray for me and all of the participants here. Thank you!



  1. Donna, I'm so thrilled for you! This all sounds so magnificent. Go with God everywhere, as I know you will!

    Hugs from your home country!


  2. Praying for you on your trip.
    Kim Cooper

  3. Hi Kim!

    I have been thinking of you and plan to get in touch when back in the US. I am praying for you and yours. Thank you so much for your prayers! So much is happening here. I'll post about it when I get back, God willing.

    God bless and love,


  4. Roxane!
    I didn't get your note until now for some reason. Thanks for your kind words and prayers!
    blessings and love,


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