Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I love using the word "Catholic" in a public place

Yesterday, I was at the counter of the Post Office mailing off a few packages of books. One large parcel was going to China! Yes, China. Someone there had ordered all of my books and a few of them in multiple copies. I have been praying for the recipients for the past couple of days since the order arrived.

A line was building behind me, as often happens at the Post Office. As I left the counter the clerk gave me instructions about how I might track the package after I expressed that I sure hoped it would get there.

As I headed out, a gentleman in the line called out and asked if I was sending out another manuscript. I recognized him from church and said, "No, actually someone in China ordered a bunch of my CATHOLIC books! I sure hope they won't be persecuted in any way."

The gentleman said, "God is using you all over the world!"

About twenty people or more waiting in line looked on. I'm sure they heard the word "Catholic." I said it loud enough. As it came from my lips out loud in the public place, I smiled inside. God is good!

I am so happy that my books will be reaching people in China. Please pray along with me for the recipients and that the parcel gets to the right place without any problems. Thank you so much in advance.

God bless you!


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