Friday, June 24, 2011

A review of A Catholic Woman's Book of Prayers

A new review below...

"Some of the perks of being a Catholic blogger all these years have been the friends I’ve acquired and the lessons learned from them. Stamina, fortitude, and grace, are the gifts of these friends during my short career as a writer of which I am forever changed. One of these new friends is Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, she has blessed me with several opportunities as a book reviewer to read a few of her many books: The Heart of Motherhood, Catholic Saints Prayer book, and Prayerfully Expecting (which I totally forgot to write a review on). All three are wonderfully written with heart, soul, and love for the reader. Now with Mrs. O'Boyle's newest offering, A Catholic Woman's Book of Prayers, we are yet again blessed with her wisdom as mother and devout Catholic. Besides the precious messages and insights Donna-Marie shares in these books, I like the size of this and the Catholic Saints Prayer book, its purse size as I like to. Easy to carry with me when I am running errands, working, or just getting the many responsibilities of being a mom accomplished during the day.

A Catholic Woman’s Book of Prayers is small but packs a punch in prayers, meditations, and insightful reflections on the different aspects of being a Catholic woman in today’s crazy. Just 80 pages and eight chapters, this book is an easy read without being daunting in our busy schedules. Some of my favorite messages in the book are the prayers, here’s one for example:"


Thank you for your kind review, Ebeth. May God bless you and yours!


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