Friday, June 3, 2011

EWTN, here I come!

I'll be flying out to the EWTN network in Alabama soon. I'm choosing my outfits, tying up loose ends here, making arrangements on the other end, and will be packing soon.

I will be celebrating my son's college graduation later on today, (can't wait!) doing errands, getting a bit of writing work done, looking over my scripts for my 25 segments for EWTN, and basic home stuff, as well as making sure hubby has dinners pre-made, pets have enough food, being in touch with my daughter who is visiting Jerusalem right now, etc., etc., etc.!!

Oh, and my daughter is throwing a little birthday party tonight at our house! My dining room looks like a college dorm exploded in it since one of my daughters came home from college and has yet to put it all away (Oh well, we won't let that deter us.). She shall remain nameless (for now!). Patience! Patience!

Please keep me in your prayers for my travels to EWTN and work while there. I'm excited to create these television segments to hopefully, with God's grace bring inspiraton to all of you! Thank you so much in advance for your prayers!

God bless and hugs,


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