Friday, September 2, 2011

"A Cup of Tea with Donna-Marie" and finding a balance...

Jim, Cheryl, and I launched our new segment, "A Cup of Tea with Donna-Marie" today. We chatted about back-to-school, off to college, and homeschooling. I'll post a link to the segment from today soon.

In the meantime, I'll offer a prayer for the busy Moms trying to get in sync with new schedules and kids starting school. It's tempting to sign up for all of the volunteer opportunities. While you want to help a bit and get involved, you don't have to do everything! Focus on your family first...

Help Me to Find Balance, Lord

You have given me the heart of a woman,
which wants to stretch beyond measure
to ease the pain of others.
Remind me, Lord,
to fix my eyes on my family first,
and fulfill their needs
according to Your holy will
before I attempt to look elsewhere.
Help me to know when to say "yes"
and when to say "no"
so that I don't over-commit
and can properly serve
You, my family, and others,
remembering that "love begins at home."
(from my book, A Catholic Woman's Book of Prayers, Our Sunday Visitor Pub. Co.)

Very soon, I'll post my 8 tips to help bring peace, prayer, and focus to the transitional time of back-to-school that we chatted about on the show. Stay tuned and God bless!


  1. Love this idea..Received with complete excitement here... ;)

  2. Thank you very much, Tanya. I'll post a link to today's show soon. Stay tuned!


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