Monday, February 10, 2014

God's timing is impeccable!

I love God's timing.
     I had a lot going on today. The timing of events was a bit tricky (pretty much typical for many busy women, right?). As I was driving back from dropping one daughter off at the gym after dropping another daughter a bit earlier to my husband who was taking her to the train, I exhaled and prayed, asking God to work out the timing for the train. It seemed that my daughter might miss it.
     As soon as I prayed, a saw a beautiful brown owl fly right up in front of my car and up above me to land on the telephone wires. It was a such pretty sight. I love when God puts owls in my path.
     I continued on to the Post Office where I would sit in the car for as long as it took to assemble a bunch of packages that needed to be postmarked by today. It was about 4:30 PM and I needed to hurry. I got everything ready within the confines of my car while I prayed a few prayers for God's holy will.
     I then went into the Post Office and when I was up at the counter a woman came over and asked if anyone had seen her credit card, She had left the Post Office earlier after taking care of her business there but seemed to have lost her card. I looked around but didn't see a card.
     When I finished my transactions I went outside to go to my car but I saw the same woman just outside the door talking to another person about not being able to find her credit card. I started asking her where she looked for it so far and where she had walked earlier. Then I started to help her re-trace her steps. I also told her that she needed to put a coat on because it was freezing out. She agreed she should have worn a coat.
     I walked her to her car but there was no sign of the credit card anywhere. She was very worried that her husband would be angry at her because it was his card. She decided to give up and go home because she didn't know what else to do. I questioned her a bit more about what it looked like and came to find out that she had dropped her receipt after she left the Post Office.
     "Where?" I asked.
     "Over there by the flag pole," she remembered.
     "But, I already looked there," she added.
     I was thinking that if she dropped her receipt she might have dropped the credit card too. We both thought that perhaps someone had found it and picked it up since she didn't see it over there. But, I wasn't ready to give up quite yet (though I was freezing cold and did need to go to pick up my daughter).
     Since she was already in her car and I knew she was cold I told her that I would go over to the other end of the parking lot and look for it. I told her when she drove by to leave the parking lot she would see me and would know if I had found it or not.
     I started to walk toward the flag pole.
     "Please, Lord, help me find her credit card."
     Before I got to the flag pole, for some reason on the way I decided to look under the back of a car. When I did, I could see what looked like a driver's license lying under the car and crouched down to discover that it was a credit card! I could definitely understand why the woman couldn't find her card. It was totally hidden beneath the car! I bent down a bit further, picked it up, and rushed over to the woman's car. I held it up to her window to get her attention as she was getting ready to back up and leave. The look of astonishment on her face was well worth all of the looking in the freezing cold.
     She opened her car door and received the card from me and was extremely thankful. I told her that I was very happy I had found it for her.
     "You're some kind of an ANGEL!" she said. She just couldn't get over that someone was "sent" to help her.
     I reached into my pocket and pulled out a blessed Miraculous Medal.
     "I think you're supposed to have this too," I told her. I kissed the medal and touched it to the one I wear which Mother Teresa gave me.
     She accepted the gift of the medal and just looked at it. She then told me that she was very happy to receive it.
     "I need a miracle right about now," she told me referring to the Miraculous Medal.
     I told her that I think God already gave her a miracle--her credit card was found!
      I also gave her my business card and told her that she could email me if she'd like to know more about the Miraculous Medal and she could also check out my website for more information too. I explained that I was an author and wrote about the Miraculous Medal and many spiritual things.
     Then--at the exact same time we asked one another what our names were. Her name is Anne, by the way. Please say a little prayer for her.
     Anne was in awe and was beaming about the blessed encounter. I gently touched her arm and told her that she could feel free to be in touch and that I would pray for her.
     God's timing is always incredible and one hundred per cent impeccable. Had I been afforded the time earlier at home to finish assembling the things I needed to get into the mail today I probably wouldn't have encountered Anne at the Post Office. We have to totally trust God with the timing of everything in our lives. He knows what He is doing.
     Oh, and by the way, my daughter made her train with a bit of time to spare. :)

Snapped this pic out the car window on the way home after meeting Anne.
Seems like God painted the sky with water colors--beautiful! 
Be sure to take the time to look at the sky and God's beautiful handiwork in Creation all around you--wherever you may be. Take a moment today to reach out to a stranger in some way. You will be blessed indeed!
God bless you and yours!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this story. I have not been feeling very useful to God or anyone else lately and reading this account of your helping the woman find her credit card made me think of a time when something small I did each week to cheer someone up who was struggling with cancer helped her through a tough time. Small things with great love (and in your case determination even in the cold) can really make a difference.


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