Friday, December 4, 2009

Man to Man article

From Father James:

"'Mom, who wrote this book?' My secretary’s newly married daughter had discovered my manuscript somewhere in the living room and had picked it up to read it. 'Your priest wrote it,' her mom responded. Great stuff isn’t it?' 'Mom, every man needs to read this. This is excellent.'

This was the direct signal from God telling me that I had to get my book published. Numerous publishers had been reluctant to touch it. Discouraged, by negative comments, I was ready to give up and just post the text on my website. “Men don’t read,” they had said. “Our editors found your book too controversial.” More than one publisher’s rep wondered what priests knew about married life anyway. Comments like these figured in the rejection notices accompanying the returned manuscripts.

So, why did I write a book for men about marriage? What credibility could I establish? What qualified me, a priest to speak on this subject?..."

Check out this article at Catholic Exchange by Fr. James, whose book I promoted yesterday.

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