Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Review for A Catholic Woman's Book of Prayers

A Catholic Woman's Book of Prayers (Hardcover)

A Catholic Woman's Book of Prayers is a delightful retreat with beautiful prayers and quotations to ponder. I especially appreciate the bow to the vocation of single women who make such a contribution to the Church and the world at large. Recognition of the dignity of women is so crucial to lifting women up to their full, God-given potential. The prayers Donna-Marie includes in her book are brimming with joy in the knowledge that God loves each and every woman no matter what their state in life. Donna-Marie's love for God and for her fellow women shines forth in this lovely little book packed with hope and healing. What a great stocking stuffer too (hint, hint)!

[Review by June Archer and submitted to Amazon.Com]

Thank you for your beautiful review, June! May God bless you!

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You may also order through Our Sunday Visitor's website, Amazon.Com, Barnes & Noble.Com, or your local Catholic book store.

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