Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving is coming up!

I'll try to write some updates for you soon. In the mean time, here's a radio segment from a previous Thanksgiving about "Keeping it sane, simple, and holy" with Teresa Tomeo and me on "Mom's Corner."


  1. Hey Donna, I haven't been over for a while so thought I'd stop by. I LOVE the photo of you with the Mother Teresa stamp. One of my favorites of you. :) You have a birthday coming up too, my dear friend. I hope you have the honor of seeing your kids over the holidays/birthday celebration!

  2. Hi Roxane,
    I haven't been visiting either. Life is so busy! Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I am always with all of my ducklings in a row on Thanksgiving and Christmas, thankfully! Two will be home from college and the others will be here too. I'll be in my glory. We'll be celebrating 4 birthdays - mine and 3 of my kid's November birthdays!
    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Roxane!


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