Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From Archbishop Timothy Dolan on Pope Benedict and the sex scandal

To Whom Shall We Go?

"In some ways, Holy Week is hardly the time I would choose to make the following comments. Still, the matter is so pressing that I feel compelled to address it.

Last week I asked for some fairness in the seemingly unappeasable criticism of the Church over the catastrophe of clergy sexual abuse.

Not to my surprise, if anything, it has only gotten worse, especially in the interminable headlines about the Pope himself.

Last fall I wrote in this blog about anti-Catholicism in the New York Times and other media, providing a list of contemporary examples. A few tried to slap me back into place, suggesting that I stupidly believed the Church to be immune from scrutiny.

Baloney! The Church needs criticism; we want it; we welcome it; we do a good bit of it ourselves; we do not expect any special treatment…so bring it on.

All we ask is that it be fair and accurate.

The reporting on Pope Benedict XVI has not been so.

The first reports were about a shameful priest in Germany three decades ago. I weighed in on that coverage last week..." Continued here


  1. Another blogger pointed out that during Holy Week, the mainstream media looks for any excuse to attack Christianity and Catholicism in particular. This year it's out of control. We have an excellent Pope who has been firm and a good leader with any problems. We need to speak out against this one-sided coverage like you did on your post.

  2. Thanks for stoping by, Jeanne. You're right, it hapens during the holiest of weeks. Papa Benedict is carrying the Lord's Cross. He needs our prayers.
    God bless you!


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