Friday, May 14, 2010

EWTN's Bookmark with Doug Keck!

I feel very honored that two of my newest books are highlighted this month by EWTN. The Domestic Church: Room By Room and Grace Cafe: Serving Up Recipes for Faithful Mothering.

My interview on EWTN's Bookmark television show with Doug Keck will air on Sunday, May 23rd.
Take a look: here.

From the EWTN newsletter: "Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle and Doug Keck talk about two of her latest books: 'The Domestic Church,' an exploration of Catholicism as it relates to our roles as women, wives, mothers, and citizens of the world; and 'Grace Café,' a treasure trove of resources to guide and instruct mothers in shepherding their families to Heaven."

Here are the times and days for EWTN's Bookmark: Sun 9:30 AM ET • Mon 5 AM ET • Wed 5:30 PM ET • Thur 1 PM ET • Fri 11:30 PM ET.

God bless!



  1. Dear Donna-Marie,
    I am watching your show on "Bookmark." So, the episode airs this week, rather than next.
    By the way, I enjoyed it.
    With love and prayers,

  2. Thanks so much, Gail. I just found out from people writing to me telling me that they have seen it! Or heard it on EWTN Radio! So, I have taped this morning's 5:00 AM show and will watch it in a bit. I'll write up a new post about the changed dates and times.

    I'm glad you like it! God bless you!

  3. Stephanie from LouisianaMay 23, 2010 at 8:35 AM

    I saw you for the first time on this show! I was glued to the TV the entire time. I am really struggling with working, childcare, etc. Your thoughts really put things in perspective. Now I'm off to buy your book! God Bless, Stephanie

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    It's nice to hear from you! I'm glad you caught the Bookmark show and that it was helpful to you. Praise God!

    I'll be sending your autographed book right out to you. If you decide along the way to start up a study group based on this book, please let me know and I'll offer help with the books (free shipping) as well as advice if needed. I also feauture photos of various study groups on my website.

    God bless you as you read more about life in your domestic church!


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