Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day - coming up!

How will you celebrate Mother's Day? I love that Mother's day is in May--the month of Mary our BLESSED Mother! I love that life is bursting forth all around us in nature, such a beautiful time of year.

My children bringing me a bunch of dandelions when they were very small or a bouquet of lilacs (my absolute favorite) truly blessed my day. I think the reason I love lilacs so much, other than the fact that they have the best scent ever is that my back yard growing up was filled with lilac bushes. I have such fond memories of picking lilacs with my mother and grandmother and spending time together outside in the gorgeous spring weather.

What will you do this Sunday? What's a favorite memory of Mother's day for you? Please share with us here.

God bless all of you mothers and "spiritual" mothers out there!


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