Saturday, May 22, 2010

Man to Man Father's day book sale!

Get Fr. James's book Man to Man for only $10.00 - on sale for Father's day. Reduced prices for bulk sales are available too.

Check it out at the Man to Man website here.

I have personally read the manuscript and have endorsed this book. My words on the back cover are: "Man to Man couldn't have come at a better time for today's men who are confronted with a myriad of mixed messages regarding their manhood or lack thereof. With eyes wide open to the dangers lurking in today's culture, Fr. James Farfaglia takes a brutally honest approach to discussions of love, marriage, sexuality and family life sure to capture a mans attention. The author urgently invites all men: husbands and fathers to accept the loving heroic role that God has created them for. Man to Man should be on every book shelf. Better yet, in every man's hands. "

I hope you'll visit the Man to Man website and think about what man or men in your life could use some encouragement and perhaps some friendly advice from a man who will not steer you wrong. My husband picked up my copy of the book and started reading. He was very impressed. He also said to me, "Sweetie, I need to start treating you better." And that was after about an hour of reading Man to Man! It's worth every penny ladies! Go out and get this book and you'll also be helping St. Helena's in Corpus Christi to build their elementary school.

You can see my interview with Fr. James, endorsements and more here. I hope you'll take a few moments to read the endorsements, interview and all and ponder about who in your life could use this book.

God bless and hugs,


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