Monday, July 4, 2011

Interview with Fr. James Farfaglia Re: His New Book!

Have you seen this book yet? Fr. James Fargaglia released his second book recently. It's titled, Get Serious: A Survival Guide for Serious Catholics.

Fr. James's website states the book is: "With endorsements from Spirit Daily’s Michael Brown, Renew America columnist Matt Abbott, Fr. Sam Medley SOLT and TOB Ministries Director Steve Pokorny.

Preface by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, Catholic wife and mother of five, author, speaker and EWTN TV host of Everyday Blessings for Catholic Moms, Epilogue by Jennifer Hartline, Catholic Online contributing author."

I asked Fr. James a few questions about his book:

1) Fr. James, what compelled you to write this new book?

Fr. James: "For many years I have felt that the laity needed a very clear book on how to develop and live out a serious spiritual life. In the past, many books have been written on the subject and they are all very good, but I thought that something new was needed that addressed the issues of our times."

2) What are your hopes for your readers?

Fr. James: "My hope is that people will put into practice what I am teaching in my new book. They will find great happiness by having a personal relationship with God."

3) Can you tell me a little about the feedback you've been receiving from your first book?

Fr. James: "The response has been quite amazing. I continue to receive many emails from around the county and even from other countries from people, especially from men, on how my short book has helped them to become better men, better husbands and better Catholics. It is a very beautiful feeling to know that my parish work has extended all over the world. My only desire as a priest is to help as many people get to Heaven. What else is there to do?"

Go to Fr. James's website now to purchase a copy for yourself or loved one (or maybe both!): click on the link :

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