Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On my way to EWTN

Recently I traveled to Birmingham, Alabama to go to the EWTN network where I would tape 25 new segments of my show: "Everyday Blessings for Catholic Moms." I'd also be doing an interview with Doug Keck on his Bookmark show and meet with a few people to discuss a few things. I had finished up a book I was writing before my deadline to prepare for the trip and the shows. All in God' timing.

On my way down there I sat next to a young woman on the plane who was busy reading her magazine. I quietly prayed my Rosary upon tale-off and sat quietly saying my prayers as we traveled. Since my neighbor in the seat beside me was occupied with her magazine reading I thought it was best not to disturb her. It would be about a 3 hour flight.

I always pray and ask God to use me for His will and to seat me near whomever He wants me to sit while traveling. About halfway into the flight, the pilot announced that we would land about 50 minutes early.

After the flight, we had our photo taken
Suddenly, the woman beside me turned to me and asked, "Did he say fifteen minutes or fifty?" She couldn't quite believe that it might be fifty. But it was! I confirmed his words and so the ice was broken. We began a conversation.

By the grace of God, somehow we got to talking about Faith! Right now I can't remember how that happened. Sometimes I can never quite remember when I look back at some of the amazing encounters that God blesses me with how I ever got to talking about God with a perfect stranger. But, God knows and that's all that matters really. He sets up the opportunities and I praise Him for it.

So, the young woman and I had an interesting conversation.

And then, I reached into my pocket to retrieve the blessed Miraculous medal I had put in there that morning feeling confident that it may very well find a home around some one's neck (please God!).

I took out the medal and as I started to hand it to the woman, I told her that I wanted to give her something that I felt was very special. I proceeded to tell her that it was blessed and that I had placed it on Pope John Paul II's tomb at the Vatican and also on Blessed Mother Teresa's bed at the convent where she stayed when she was in Rome with the Missionary of Charity Sisters. I then kissed it and touched it to the medal I wear that Mother Teresa had given me. I handed it to her.

She was so happy to receive it. She said something like, "Oh! You have no idea how much this means to me!" She reached around her neck to take off her chain and then proceeded to put the blessed Miraculous medal on her necklace. I was so happy that she would actually wear it because the Blessed Mother had stated to Saint Catherine Laboure whom she appeared to that those who wear the medal will receive many graces.

Specifically, in 1830 after showing St. Catherine Laboure a vision of the image of the medal, Mary said, "Have a medal struck upon this model. All who wear it, when it is blessed, will receive great graces, especially if they wear it around the neck."

As Nancy placed the medal around her neck she began to share an experience that had happened about a month and a half earlier. I sat there listening. On the edge of my seat, inwardly praising Jesus for this encounter and asking dear Mary to intercede, and all the while listening to each word...

(to be continued tomorrow)


  1. Oh dear, you leave us hanging! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story. I SO love these kinds of moments, too, Donna. The secret, of course, is to be open to them, which you always are! I'm glad your trip was so fruitful!

  2. Yes, sorry, Roxane. It is due to lack of time, not to keep you hanging. :) My work load is intense. I figured it was best to at least get some of the story up here. I tried to write this weeks ago, but no time. I have more stories to share too! So, hopefully, more later...
    God bless and hugs,

  3. God is definitely amazing in His orchestration of "divine appointments!"

  4. Yes, He sure is, Trisha! Thanks for stopping by. God bless!


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