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"Weightless" - Hot off the Press!

Have you seen Weightless? It's hot off the press and authored by Kate Wicker, sister friend to many, known at her blog as, "Wife, Mom of Littles, Journalist, & Expert in Hazardous Waste Removal," and she wears another hat too, as senior writer at Faith & Family magazine.

When I heard of her forthcoming book I interviewed Kate to get a bit of a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her project. Here's our little conversation:

DONNA-MARIE: Kate, your book looks so intriguing. We both know that it's no secret that we live in a culture which can seem to dictate to women how they should look, dress, and feel. May I ask what prompted you to write this book? Is there something beyond the unrelenting pressures from our culture which prodded you to speak up about this important topic?

KATE: First off, thank you, Donna, for inviting me to share a little about my book, Weightless: Making Peace With Your Body, with your loyal readers.

One of the main reasons I felt called to write a book of this nature is because I personally struggled with a clinical eating disorder, and body angst has unfortunately been a stubborn companion throughout different periods of my life. When I was younger, I was on the chubby side and endured some pretty cruel teasing. One of my nicknames was Miss Piggy. I started thinking there was something wrong with me from a young age.

Later I naturally thinned out due to puberty, but my weight quickly became a barometer of my self-worth. It was also something I could control. Thus, in high school I fell prey to an eating disorder. By my senior year, I thought I had it under control after a brief stint meeting with a nutritionist; however, I had a bad relapse in college.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach to my healing that included therapy, nutrition counseling, medical care, etc., I was eventually able to put an end to the destructive physical habits; however, I still had a long way to go to rewrite some of the internal scripts that told me I wasn’t good enough unless I weighed a certain amount or looked a certain way. My Catholic faith proved to be the most powerful healer of all, and I believe any woman who has struggled with her body image or perhaps struggles with putting food in its proper place can begin to reclaim the beauty of Creation with the help of the teachings and wisdom of the Church.

During my recovery process, I voraciously read every book I could get my hands on that dealt with overcoming eating disorder and/or body image problems. I discovered a lot of helpful information out there, but there were very few resources that mentioned God. I’d seen Christian dieting programs, but I wasn’t looking for another diet program -  whether it was healthy and balanced or not. I craved a book that would look at things like beauty, body image, our relationship with food, etc. through the lens of Christianity. No one else was writing one, so I wondered if perhaps I should try. With God’s grace and the support of many friends, an acquisitions editor who believed in me and my writing, and loved ones, Weightless came into being.

I should add that being the mom of three daughters (possibly four; we’re due with our fourth any day now, but we don’t know the gender) has made me even more passionate about debunking so many of the myths perpetuated by our beauty and food-obsessed culture. I want my own children to know that their true value lies not in the reflection they see in the mirror or the number on the scale but in their passions, their intelligence, their virtues, and most importantly, their souls.

DONNA-MARIE: I haven't read Weightless yet, but it looks extremely interesting and very valuable to many women today. Can you tell me what you think your book can do to help women?

KATE: I’m hoping Weightless might minister to at least a few women out there. It’s not a dieting book. Nor is it just for women who have suffered from clinical eating disorders. It’s for any woman who hasn’t always liked what she sees in the mirror. It’s for women struggling to find a balance in being healthy and becoming obsessed with what they eat and how much they exercise. It’s for women who are perpetually on a diet and have started seeing food as “good” or “bad” instead of simply as fuel for their bodies. It’s for women who feel a whole lot younger than they look and are pining for the Fountain of Youth. It’s for moms who want to raise daughters to have a positive body image and a healthy relationship with food. It’s for anyone who wants to fight the messages culture sends us that if want to be happier, then we should look this way or eat this and not eat that or wear this. I pray the Holy Spirit gifted me with some of the right words that Weightless might touch women from all walks of life and speak not only to those who may have faced an eating disorder, but also to anyone who wants to live an abundant life, unencumbered by society's obsession with thinness, physical beauty, youth, or food.

In addition, Weightless offers:

          Personal stories that discredit cultural myths about beauty
          Spiritual tools to help address common struggles
          Meditations to reshape the way a woman views herself
          Discussion questions for personal or group reflection

Some of the topics covered include applying temperance as related to food, aging, an exploration of how motherhood changes the way women see their bodies, raising healthy daughters, and the media’s influence on body image compared to what our faith teaches us about our appearance and our bodies. There’s a “Soul Food” section as well that provides readers with inspiring quotes from Scripture and the saints, and spiritual and practical tips that serve to encourage and edify readers. Each chapter concludes with a meditation and prayer. Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary wrote its foreword.

DONNA-MARIE: Where can we get your book, Kate?

KATE: Weightless: Making Peace with Your Body is available from Servant Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders,, and other retailers.
Weightless is also available on Kindle. A Nook version may be available by the end of 2011.
If someone is interested in having the book signed with a personal note or dedication, I’m also selling copies directly through my website:
Do you have any plans for book signings or presentations we can look forward to in the near future?

Well, as I mentioned we’re waiting in joyful anticipation for the birth of our fourth baby, and this “work in progress” is the most important one right now. I do hope to participate in some speaking engagements and book signings down the road. Those interested in learning more about any upcoming events can stop by my blog - - and click on the Weightless tab at the top for more information.

Thanks again for allowing me to share my story and information about my book.

I’ll end with a quote from Saint Gianna Molla, the patron saint for mothers, doctors, and unborn children, that a friend recently passed along to me. It’s a wonderful reminder that our purpose here on this earth is not to fit into some subjective ideal standard of beauty but to reveal God’s love to others. Let us respect and honor these temples of ours, and allow God to shine through them! Blessings!

"Our body is a cenacle, a monstrance; through its crystal the world should see God." 

~St. Gianna Molla

DONNA-MARIE: Thank you very much, Kate. I am sure that your book will minister to more than "a few women out there!" Our world really needs this book. I pray it does a lot of good. 

And I can't wait to hear the news about your new precious baby who will soon grace the Wicker household! God bless you and yours, Kate!


  1. Thank you again, Donna, for the opportunity to share a little more about my book. Here's to living a "weightless," joyful, and Godward life!

  2. You are very welcome, Kate. Thank you so much for sharing!


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