Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Twenty Fun Ideas for Summer!

Twenty Fun Summer Ideas!

We're only halfway through summer. There's lots more time to have some fun, learn something new, brighten someone's life and so much more! And having fun doesn't have to be expensive! It doesn't have to be complicated either. The simple pleasures in life are the best! Yesterday, two of my older children and I sat down to play a board game together. Imagine that? It was fun and it took us away from routine. Yes, there's routine even in summer. Sometimes you have to break away from your work and get down on the floor with the little ones, as I often write about in my books. And it's wonderful to take time out to enjoy a game or movie with our older kids. I think board games are great! We always have fun and say that we should do it more often.

I came across this list of interesting and fun things to do which I have slightly adapted and thought I'd share it with you.

1)Start some type of collection - Bugs are everywhere and once properly dried can be collected, marbles of every color and shape, coins or whatever may interest the kids. When I was a little girl, I had a stamp collection and was fascinated over all of the different stamps from around the world. Of course, be very careful with little things with your small children. You don't want any one to choke on something!

2)Record and catalog information - What type of birds they have spotted, wild flowers or animals. There is not enough science in schools and what better way to learn than from hands-on experience.

3)Visit the Zoo - But don’t just walk through it and you’re done. Sit and draw the animals, figure out what they’re doing. Research where the animals came from and what do they eat. Have each child pick an animal to research and go back and visit the animal that they're interested in several times. Try to come up with ways to raise money for that animal.

4)Visit the Museum -
Art museum - Have them pick one of their favorite pieces of art and research the artist. Where did they come from and what other works of art are they known for?
History museum - Research their favorite part of history and share what information they have learned. Build a model of that part of history.
Science Museum - Find something that interests them in this area and have them research it. Build a machine or model of their interest.

5)Go to the park - Pack a picnic lunch, invite some friends and have fun.

6)Go fishing - Dust off that old fishing pole and take them fishing. Learn the different types of fish that they could catch. What types of bait to use. Don’t forget that fishing license.

7)Go biking - Pack a small backpack with water, snacks, and drinks.

8)Go hiking - Hit those trails and start walking. Find some trails that you’ve never been on before. Be careful, stay together out in the woods and check for tics later on.

9)Study the architect for buildings and walk around town. Take photos or draw the different designs. Research who came up with those ideas and if those designs are still used today.

10)Go to your Public Library - They have many great things going on all summer long. Summer reading clubs and a great place for resources and research. And they usually have Air Conditioning on those very hot summer days. Yay!

11)Work on a skit or play with your neighborhood kids. Plan out a stage and costumes and invite the rest of the neighborhood for the production.

12) Go to the farmers market to see all the vendors and fresh produce. Buy some fruit or veggies and go home and enjoy!

13)Do community service work - Pick up litter in a park, work in a shelter serving food, or contact someone to find out where they would need help that the whole family could get involved in.

14)Visit the elderly in homes; make cards for them and fresh cookies.

15)Teach the kids how to cook and bake. Great learning experience is measuring and following the instruction on a recipe. The greatest reward is eating what you made!

16)Journals - Have them write down there thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Keep them in the habit of writing.

17)Write letters to friends and family (not email) and send those wonderful works of art that are usually overflowing in your own home to brighten someone's day.

18)Play a game - There are many great board games and for physical games go to the Great Game List

19)Clean the house or organize a room. Kids love it when we make a list of what has to be cleaned. Each child loves writing down their name next to the item that they have cleaned. The list really motivates them and you're not telling them what to do. Rewards are paid for in all their great and hard work. You can offer them a treat as well. :)

20)Plan a vacation or trip. Research together the area that you’ll be going and get feedback as to what everyone would like to see. Give them a journal and have them write down what they did that day. They may not like doing it most of the time. When they go back the following year and read it they’ll remember the events, usually fond memories.

I'm sure you have many ideas of your own. Would you like to share some with us here? I hope you can fit in a trip to the Blessed Sacrament to visit Our Lord where He waits patiently for us.

Don't forget to stop back tomorrow for something new. I'll give you a hint - it's crafty! Okay, and go get a piece of watermelon, and enjoy!


  1. Take a cardboard egg carton and paint each 'egg spot' with a different color paint, let it dry and then have your child find in nature something that matches with the color in his/her egg carton. I don't remember where I seen that idea but I thought it was cute and my preschooler seems to enjoy it! :)

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for stopping by and giving us an idea! I'm sure your preschooler gets a lot of enjoyment finding little treasures to fill the egg carton. :)


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