Saturday, July 4, 2009

What's going on in Catholic classrooms?

I am offering a snippet from a Catholic mother's blog post at Upholding Purity in the Catholic Classroom to pique your interest. If you are concerned or the least bit interested in what goes on in our Catholic schools disguised as education, please check out this new blog and unite to help make changes and raise awareness. Here's the excerpt:

"Dear Archdiocese of Mine,

1. Please find suitable materials to teach and offer instruction in these matters. It seems you are still wearing bell-bottoms and large rose colored glasses with this list of "approved" (pardon me while I bite my tongue), ahem, "textbooks"....

2. These are NOT good reasons to steal a divinely appointed period of innocence from our school children! Please-call parents out and demand they pick up their cross in addressing this material (well, no, suitable proper material, is what I mean to say), at home-call them out on their duty! Make parents attend classes on TMHS (etc). Feed us, nourish us, call us to duty! We are required to attend so many things-yet none nearly as important as this! Please explain how God will respond to the enabling of omission of duty-grave omission, on the part of the parents, supported and encouraged by the Church? Who is it exactly that wants us to believe parents aren't up for the job? Is this just easier legally?-feed the children poison and wash our hands in the court of the world like Pontious Pilate?-and then say, they (parents) wanted us to take this obligation off their hands?..."

So, now go on over to and show your support, leave a comment, make a suggestion, do something!

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