Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coming soon! The Handbook For Catholic Moms!

I am a very honored contributor of The Handbook for Catholic Moms. You'll see a sidebar from me inside. Here's my endorsement for this wonderful book: Lisa Hendey is the sister friend of Catholic motherhood! We know her so well through her work for families, her website: Catholic Mom and her engaging podcasts. She now brings us her book: The Handbook for Catholic Moms; Nurturing Your Heart, Body Mind, & Soul in which Lisa openly discusses the essential elements of a Catholic Mom’s life in an exceptionally delightful, engaging, dynamic, and practical manner. You’ll be turning pages and feeling as if Lisa is there by your side lovingly offering her insight and warm encouragement. You’re going to love this book!

Watch for my review of this book coming up in the National Catholic Regiser.

Here's where you can purchase your copy:
Amazon - here.

The Catholic Company - here.

Barnes & Noble - here.

Aquinas and More - here.


  1. Donna, I'm going to be interviewing Lisa in March. I can't wait for that! Thankfully, you helped me break ground for future interviews. It will be so much fun talking with her about her book in person, and it's so neat you're a part of it, like I am with your Mother Teresa book. :)

  2. That's great, Roxane! I'll look forward to hearing the interview. Yes, it is great that we are all a part of the journey! I am very happy to promote Lisa's book - it's extraordinary!

    Remind me, Roxane, to post your interview on my blog and website. I did on Face Book but don't think I ever did on one of my blogs.


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