Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mark 4: 1-20: "What kind of soil are you?"

I'd like to share a post from Kim's blog...

Today's Gospel 4:1-20
"Some seeds fell in good soil, and the plants had thirty grains, others sixty, and other one hundred." 4:8

The question I ask myself and you today is "What kind of soil are we?" Are our seeds (our children) having to grow in shallow soil, dry soil, soil with thorn bushes, or good soil? What makes for good and bad soil? Shallow soil doesn't have deep rooted faith to help the seeds grow...dry soil shows the seeds their unhappiness and doesn't give the seeds hope to live and be joyful to the Lord....soil with thorn bushes is choked by materialism and greed and teaches the seeds to always yearn for more. But good soil means to be in daily prayer, to yearn for holiness. Good soil distinguishes the difference between life on earth and life in heaven and radiates with joy and love for the Lord even in disappointment and hard times. The most important task of good soil is to give their life for their seeds (the family) and to help the seeds grow and bear much fruit.
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