Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Church Up Close!

I'll be "up close" to the heart of the Church, which as we know is at the Vatican in Rome, Italy. I am very honored that I was recently chosen to participate in the "Church Up Close Program" for Catholic journalists which will cover "the Church in the age of Pope Benedict XVI."

From the program description: Combining class-room seminars, personal meetings, and on-site visits, the Seminar gives journalists an array of tools to strengthen their coverage: a basic sense of the lay of the land at the Vatican; a serious, in-depth analysis of specific hot-button issues confronting today’s Church; a personal introduction to some knowledgeable insiders and key players in Rome; a taste of the rich history and culture behind contemporary Church affairs; a chance to dialogue, in an ideal setting, with journalists from around the world, on the complex relationships between religion and the media.

With God's grace and my participation in this program, I'll be keeping you posted on what's happening in the Church! Pray for me please!

God bless!


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