Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer fast Approaching! Prayer Strategies for Moms

(my daughter, Chaldea's art above)

Keeping Prayer in Summer: A Mother’s Strategy

Just the thought of summer fast approaching could bring thoughts of rest and relaxation to our weary minds. We may recall the lazy days of summer during our youth and crave a time to kick back and relax. School and homeschooling will be finished for the year, so we may even anticipate a bit of excitement and adventure getting us out of the ordinary routine; possibly exploring new places or trying new things with our families.

Some families plan escapes to beaches and paradise vacations, while others may stay home with a much more relaxed schedule from the school year, affording lots of time to play games, read books and plan day trips to fun spots. The local library is a nice place to visit with the kids and combines a learning experience with the excitement of new books to look at or read, depending on their age and interest. Parks and recreation centers open new opportunities to play, enjoy, and explore.

Summertime can be a time of well-deserved rest and also a welcome change of scenery. While making plans for our families this summer, let’s not forget about the prayer. Summer is certainly not a time for our faith to go on vacation, after all. A change in schedule once we hit summertime and an eagerness to “get away from it all” could inadvertently possibly cause us to lose touch with our spiritual needs...(Continued here at Catholic Exchange).

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