Sunday, January 23, 2011

"It moved her to tears..."

A note from a Catholic mother who said I can share...

"Every Wednesday night, I gather with a small group of mothers, and we talk about ways to grow in holiness through our vocation as well as swap practical tips on dealing with everyday crosses. One of us shared that she finds it hard to pray a full rosary.

The next morning, I opened your book: Catholic Prayer Book For Mothers to the prayer about praying the rosary one decade at a time! I emailed it to the her (as well as the rest of the group) and she said it moved her to tears. She felt that it captured her life exactly - that someone understands - and found peace knowing that it's okay to split it [the Rosary] up.

From all of us, thank you! :)"
Jenny Sharpe from Tennessee

Thank you very much, Jenny, for sharing. I am so happy that Our Lord touched your friend's heart through the words of my prayer.

God bless you and your group!


The Rosary, One Decade at a Time

Because caring for my family
Demands my full attention,
Please Lord, accept my Rosary
One decade at a time.

When the children are fed and dishes washed,
And baby is asleep,
I can borrow some time now to kneel down
And pray a decade of the Rosary.

And later, as I sit and rock and nurse my baby,
My heart goes out to You, my Lord,
As I recite the second decade.

When my baby cries and I attempt to calm her,
By walking with her,
My fingers will be a substitute,
For the next ten beads of the next decade.

After dinner, I can gather together my flock,
To kneel together for family prayer.
We will recite a decade along with our evening prayers.

Finally, when the day is finished,
And al are in bed,
With a quiet sigh,
I settle down to complete my Rosary to You.

From Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers (Our Sunday Visitor Pub. Co, 2005)


  1. I remember feeling like the woman who found it hard to pray the rosary too and the sense of relief I had when I read that I could do it in parts! :)

  2. Yes, it can be overwhelming for busy Christian moms who wonder if they should be more like Martha or more like Mary!

    Our Lord and His Blessed Mother are surely pleased with our sincere desires to remain in communication with them, despite our busyness.

    We should feel assured that Our Lord knows that a lot of our praying happens through our loving hands more so sometimes than on our knees.

    Thanks for stopping by and God bless!



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