Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pope John Paul II's upcoming beautification!

In my dear friend Joan Lewis's words where she reports on her blog "Joan's Rome" about Pope John Paul II's upcoming beatification...

"May 1 is significant for so many reasons. In addition to being Divine Mercy Sunday, it is also the start of the month dedicated to Mary, whom the late Pope dearly loved, and the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, as well as being the first day of the month when he was born (May 18, 1920). In a statement made today, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales noted that, “Pope John Paul II put Divine Mercy at the centre of his spiritual life, his apostolic testimony and his teaching. It was also on the eve of this Sunday in 2005 that he surrendered his soul to the infinite mercy of his Lord and Saviour.” What a beautiful thought!...

See her whole post here.

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  1. This is such wonderful news! He was an amazing human being and I know, a strong intercessor for us now.

    I remember back in 1979 when he visited Philadelphia. My mom took my cousins and I and we literally camped out all day on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to get a spot for Mass. They estimate that 1 million people were there.

    Looking back, I now realize how significant that was for us. How many people, by the Grace of God, will soon be able to say that they were blessed by a Saint!


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