Saturday, May 14, 2011

A beautiful story...

I just have to share a beautiful story. Where should I begin?

The past few days have been filled with busyness and specifically a couple of days work to remedy a situation to pave the way for my Mother Teresa and Me book to be re-released shortly. It will be with another publisher and will have a stunning new cover and will be filled with new scans of letters that Mother Teresa had written to me throughout the years of our friendship.

It was a very interesting couple of days, not without its intense challenges amid the deep abiding peace from our dear Lord. By God's grace, the situation that needed resolution was resolved! I was extremely grateful and was singing God's praises when the phone rang.

I was pretty tired and it was getting late, but a woman I met in Texas a few years ago and with whom I have become friends was excited about sharing some news with me. I was eager to hear.

The current cover which will be replaced
with a stunning new cover
She told me that she was at a concert at her son's high school that evening when the principal came out onto the stage and made an announcement. He told the audience that he had been planning to resign from his job as principal. But, because of a gift from one of the students, an amazing transformation took place with him.

He continued by thanking the student who had given him the gift which happened to be a copy of my book Mother Teresa and Me: Ten Years of Friendship. The principal said after he started reading the book, he changed his mind about resigning and realized that he should continue as the principal. Mother Teresa was prodding him to continue. He knew it without a doubt.

I am very thankful that this woman called me that night to share this awesome news which totally topped off the happiness at the culmination of activity working towards getting everything ready for the new release of my book. I believe Mother Teresa was indeed involved.

So, stay tuned. I'll keep you posted about the new release of Mother Teresa and Me: Ten Years of Friendship!


  1. Isn't God wonderful with the surprises that he hands us just at the right moment? The deep abiding peace that tells you--even with the challenges--that you are doing what you were created to do! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Yes, He certainly is wonderful! Thanks for stopping by, Lindia!

  3. Thank you, Anne. I am deeply grateful for God's grace!


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