Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chivalry is not yet dead, at least not with the birds!

Who says chivalry is dead?

[this is not the particular bird I saw]

I was delighted recently to see my fine feathered friends in my backyard, singing away and flying back and forth from the bird feeder that I fill to the brim each morning and back to the tree nearby to await their turn to get some more seed.

I happen to love birds and nature and consider them a beautiful blessing to observe and to be enveloped with here in the woods of New England where I live.

You can image my delight when I saw Mr. Cardinal in his red glory fly to the feeder to eat and then quickly fly into his position on the tree sitting proudly right next to his wife!

Aw, I thought, he's sweet staying close by to her, protecting her. Barely a feather could fit between them.

Then, the sweetest thing happened.

The male cardinal turned his head and touched his beak to Mrs. Cardinal's beak as if they were kissing, and he put the seed he had just garnered from the feeder into her mouth! What a guy!


  1. What a wonderful sight for you. I have been blessed with visitors from the avian community lately. Last week a male and female duck came into my backyard. I stood still and watched them waddle together. Also, I have a male and female cardinal that visits my feeder many times daily. I love watching them have their snack and then fly away. Being able to spot them in their hangout in the trees is a special treat for me.
    Thank you Donna for sharing a bit of your NE woods with us.
    Mary Catherine

  2. Hi Mary Catherine!

    It's wonderful to know we share the same love for birds and that you have been having visitors too. I look forward to their visits and try to capture them on film when I can.

    I pray you are enjoying this beautiful season of spring with all of the recent blessings of Easter, Mercy Sunday, and dear Papa John Paul II's Beatification!


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