Sunday, August 9, 2009

My recent experience at the CMN conference in New Jersey

I was recently invited to attend the Catholic Marketing Network convention in Somerset, New Jersey which ran from August 5th to the 7th. I traveled down on Wednesday with my publisher from Circle Press. The Catholic Writer's Conference held their first ever conference sponsored by the Catholic Writer's Guild and the Catholic marketing Network.

I gave a presentation with my publisher, Claudia Volkman on Wednesday called, " "Inspirational Books from Both the Publisher's and Author's Perspective." Later on, I made my way downstairs to the convention center where all of the booths of books, publishers and sellers of statuary and more were displayed. I met up with Al Kresta to do a LIVE radio interview for Al's show on Ave Maria Radio which aired through EWTN. We talked about various Catholic subjects which also included my latest books, The Domestic Church: Room by Room and Grace Cafe: Serving Up Recipes for Faithful Mothering. It was so nice to see Al again and his producer, Nick too.

I then poked around looking at the booths when a gentleman (the producer) approached me who had been looking for me to conduct our LIVE interview for EWTN radio. In this interview we discussed the conference, a bit about Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta as well as some news about my new book coming out very soon: Mother Teresa and me: Ten Years of Friendship..

The remainder of the afternoon (it was getting late by that point) was filled with networking, and attending an evening "Welcome Reception with CMN." A light dinner followed for a few of us and off to bed early so that we could participate in early Mass which was con-celebrated by 8 priests. Fr. Frank Pavone gave the homily. Next, I rushed over to my Published Authors Panel at 9:15 AM where I sat with two other published authors and answered many questions from the moderator as well as the audience afterwards. Soon after my participation on the Author's panel I went back down to the convention center to do a book signing of my books: The Domestic Church: Room By Room and Grace Cafe:Serving Up Recipes or Faithful Mothering at the Catholic Word booth. I met many owners of Catholic book stores who told me that they were selling my books at their shops. I met a lot of wonderful people.

A video camera man and another gentleman with a microphone showed up unannounced and within minutes their equipment was in my face for an impromptu interview about my books. It might have been nice to have a bit of forewarning, but, by the grace of God, hopefully it came out okay. I am told that it will be put on the Catholic Word website at some point.

Immediately afterwards, back up stairs again to attend the CMN luncheon in which Fr. Frank Pavone gave a talk and Dana, the Irish singer entertained us with inspirational, beautiful songs.

It was then time to prepare to leave for our journey back home. Here's a photo of me in the Catholic Word booth holding up a mock copy of my new book: Mother Teresa and Me; Ten Years of Friendship. The book won't be released until September so that's why the image I held up was a mock up one. It was exciting anyway. :)

During my book signing, I was visited by my publisher, Claudia Volkman (on the right) and Heidi Bratton, an author I met while at the CMN (on the left).


  1. How fun, Donna! I was so glad to see your update. What a wonderful time you seem to have had, with lots of sharing. You must be absolutely exhausted! So glad for your success with all these things. Blessings, Roxane

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  3. Thanks, Roxane! It was great and EXHAUSTING since I was running all over the place. :)

    I hope that your writing retreat is going well and will bear much fruit!



  4. Wow, this is wonderful, Donna! Blessings, blessings,blessings -- and WAY TO GO!!

  5. Sounds like you had a busy but exciting time! I am proud of you Donna! Hope you have a little time for rest now.

  6. Rest? What's that? Now I am coping with a low back that has gone out and catching up on a million things. Rest is in Heaven, I think. :) Thank you for your kind words, Barbara!


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