Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Modern and Modest Girls Rock!

My review of Modern and Modest and Girls Rock!

Author and syndicated Catholic talk show host, Teresa Tomeo, teamed up with Molly Miller, and Monica Cops, putting their heads and hearts together to come up with a breath of fresh air for today’s young girls.

Their series, All Things Girl , published by Bezalel Books includes 6 titles, two of which are: Girls Rock ! and Modern and Modest . The series speaks about the dignity at the heart of every girl created in the image and likeness of God and does it in a very fun and appealing way. The books are generous in size and filled with colorful and attractive designs to capture a young girl’s attention.

Modern and Modest is a delightful and eye-catching 59 pages and is just the book we’d love to see in every young girl’s hands. The authors cover every relevant subject for girls from being a Godly girl and turning away from the media’s portrayal of the culture’s expectations and enticements and turning toward Jesus and the Church instead, to fashion and fabrics and what modesty really means, how to be modern and modest at the same time, as well as an overview of virtues and how they apply to living as a girl in our world today. Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and Feminine Genius teachings are woven through in an uncomplicated understandable way. All topics discussed in Modern and Modest illustrate to girls that they can be very modern and cool yet pleasing to God in their modesty which is consistently explained in a simple yet contemporary manner.

In addition to suggesting ways to come up with a “family media plan” regarding the computer use, TV and movie viewing, this book encourages girls to look up to parents in topics such as “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Look to Mom.” Amusing personality quizzes are sprinkled throughout the book. As well, make up and fragrance discussions, goals to achieve, and prayers to be included in a plan for life are all blended together in a delightful mix which is just right for our young growing girls. A story about St. Maria Goretti ends the book on a note to enhance the book’s message of purity and dignity. (Continued here at Catholic Exchange today.) If you feel inclined, please leave a comment over at Catholic Exchange.


  1. Donna-Marie, thanks for this information, I'm going to look for this book for my daughter.

    God Bless you!

  2. Donna, I heard about these when Teresa was in town and meant to pick them up. With girls 9 and almost 12, these will be great. Now, to follow through on my intention and buy them. :) Thanks for the reminder.


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