Thursday, July 5, 2012

Aimed at a Mother's Heart

Aimed at a mother's heart
By Karen Edmisten

This beautiful little book is deceptively slim yet bursting with wisdom, original prayers, advice and the encouragement of one who knows.

Donna, a writer and mother of five, also seems to have peeked into my life. How does she know what a transforming vocation motherhood has been for me? In a reflection entitled "A Glimpse into the Future" she writes:

If a woman could get a glimpse at

What her world would be

When she becomes a mother,

She would be presented with the reality

That her innermost desires and life plans

would be altered or put on hold

because she would be inundated with the care of others.

If she was also allowed to glimpse the unending joy

she would receive as a mother,

There would be no pause to consider,

No hesitation, as she embraced the whole package,

Knowing in her heart that her children will become her life's desires.

And, in "The Rosary, One Decade at a Time" I see my life reflected: the ways in which our children change our prayer lives are to be celebrated, not bemoaned, and God understands when we do such things as say a halting Rosary and sprinkle bits of prayer throughout our days and our duties.

With quotations from Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (who personally encouraged the author), John Paul the Great (who gave Donna his apostolic blessing), Scripture, and a variety of saints, this book is exactly the sort to keep by the bedside, on the prayer table, or in one's purse for the many times we, as mothers, need a boost, a bit of solace or an inspirational lift.

Finally, the book itself is lovely, with pages of pastels and florals that are calming and beautiful.

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle speaks straight to a mother's heart, as she embraces her fellow moms with her uplifting and hopeful message of the salvific beauty of our vocation.


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