Thursday, July 12, 2012

I didn't plan to go back into the Post Office

When I was out today I had to go into the Post Office to mail a couple of parcels. On my way in, I spotted an older woman coming up behind me, dragging a big box. I quickly backed up to get the door for her. She seemed very angry and used the Lord's name in vain, saying, "That other *bleep bleep* guy just walked right past me!" She reminded me right away of whom Mother Teresa would say is "Jesus in the distressing disguise of the poorest of the poor."

I quickly turned the subject to something more positive as I helped her. Then, I realized that perhaps I should also offer to help her carry the cumbersome package to the counter even though I wasn't sure I could actually lift it based on the way she was dragging it. As I asked her if I could help her bring it in, a young man coming through the door just then decided to bring it up to the counter for her.

She said, "Just bring it in and leave it there anywhere, I have other stuff I have to get from the car."

After the kind man brought the large box in, he looked at me (now waiting at the counter) and said, "Does this count as our good Samaritan deeds for today?

I said, "Ah, well, not quite, we have to do more that that" and I smiled. He agreed and smiled back.

I finished my transactions and headed to my car. Once in the car I quickly checked my email on my cell phone and was ready to go home.

As I pulled out of my parking space, I spotted something in my rear view mirror that really made me smile. The guy who helped drag the box in for the woman was now standing at the Post Office door, one hand holding it wide open, the other moving around in animation as he spoke. He was standing on the side, out of the way, and chatting up a storm with the woman he helped. He clearly seemed to be going out of his way to spend some time in conversation with the woman.

As I was heading out of the parking lot, even though I had some cold groceries in the car and it was close to ninety degrees out, I decided to turn right around, park my car again and go back in the Post office! Why? So that I could somehow commend that man. Maybe I'd say something about Mother Teresa and what she would say--I had no idea of what I would say.

As I approached the two in the doorway, a huge smile spread across the man's face. The woman kept on talking. I said "Hello!" to both and then placed my hand gently on the man's shoulder. Quietly and nonchalantly as I was slowly walking through the door, I said, "Now, it does," feeling pretty confident that he would know I was continuing our earlier conversation, answering his question. I pointed towards the sky and said, "More for Heaven" (meaning something like more "good deeds for Heaven."). That may sound a little strange, but I had to sort of speak in code.

I had no doubt he knew exactly what I meant. He was nodding his head and smiling from ear to ear. I walked past them and went in and re-checked my P.O. Box, silently giving praise and glory to God.

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