Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Surprise on my morning prayer walk!

I love to put on my sneakers and get out early in the morning to walk (actually it's hiking) a mile or two along the curvy picturesque country roads near where I live before I start the day. I revel in the time observing nature all around me and singing songs of praise through my morning prayers. It's a meditative and reflective time for me. It's also healthy. :)

This morning I closed the front door behind me and peered at my flowers growing along the pathway to my house. I love how the morning glories burst open in praise of the morning. Other flowers had bloomed since yesterday so I admired their beauty as well. Suddenly, a beautiful hummingbird with a red belly startled me as it flew straight up in front of me, hesitated a while as his wings fluttered furiously and then off he went darting like a shooting arrow, disappearing into my front yard.

I headed out the driveway and down my usual route. I said a few prayers and started to remind myself what I needed to accomplish as soon as I got back. After checking off my mental to-do list I immersed myself back into the moment so I could enjoy my walk.

God really blessed me this morning! Thank God my head was turned to the left as I passed a small stream just as a great blue heron caught my eye. I could have walked right past him--he was peacefully standing in the water as they do. I froze, carefully getting my cell phone out of my pocket and quickly set it on the photo mode, trying not to make any sudden movements. I wanted to capture that beautiful creature in a photo.

And, I did! A couple of times. I had to zoom in with my iPhone to get the picture. I was then able to take a quick video of him. I'm sorry that I couldn't zoom in for the video, but if you look closely you'll see him fly up majestically into a tree.

Then, I left him alone and continued my walk hoping I might see him again on my way back home or some other time. 

What sort of beauty surrounds you today that you can give thanks to God for? Could it be in the radiance of your child's smile, the sunshine streaming in the windows, a hot cup of tea, an answer to prayer or the hope of one, an empty clothes hamper?

Pause some time today and thank God for all of His blessings--big and small!

God bless your Wednesday!



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