Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Today's Catholic" article regarding my upcoming talk in San Antonio

An excerpt from Today's Catholic article..."Having nurturing and dynamic speakers present at the conference is a top priority for the committee and this years five presenters bring a wealth of knowledge and insight on women’s issues. One of the presenters, Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle, will share her personal story of how she came to know and have a decade long friendship with Blessed MotherTeresa of Calcutta and how women today can carry out her mission to help the poor..."

Here is the pdf to an article  just published in Today's Catholic (Texas) regarding an event where I will give a talk and do a book signing at in San Antonio this October. I hope you enjoy the article. I'll be speaking about dear Blessed Mother Teresa. I hope that the folks who are in that area may attend. I hear there will be about 750 or so women there in attendance and four other speakers will present as well. You'll learn more about it in the article.

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