Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hanging out our clothes...

Who likes hanging their clothes out on a clothesline? I personally love the look. Maybe I'm old fashioned or a country bumpkin as I have been called - but I absolutely love clothes hanging on a line. I love knowing that they are being dried out in nature.

Years ago, I was labeled a "country bumpkin" behind my back in one neighborhood where I lived because I hung my wash out to dry in the natural breeze under the hot drying sun. I like being natural, what can I say? Not everyone appreciates nature. We live in an age of technology, after all. I will admit though, that most of my clothes are dried in a gas dryer these days. Various physical injuries and a car accident a little over a year ago prevent me from lugging wet clothes out to a clothes line. I miss it, but I adjust.

So, what am I getting at besides talking about the beauty of clothes drying out on a line? Well, I'm asking you to send me a photo of your clothes hanging out to dry on your clothesline! I'd like to feature them in my blog title for this blog. So, what do you think? Do you have a camera nearby? Are your clothes on the line? If so, send me a photo to DMCOBoyle@aol.com and I may use it with your permission, of course! And, guess what? All those submitting photos will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of my book, Grace Cafe!

I'll leave you with a kind of a poem which is in the back of my book, Grace Cafe: Serving Up Recipes for Faithful Mothering which describes a Mom somewhere in this great big world:

Seen by God Alone

Her hands are red, wrinkled, and chapped from the bitter wind
As she pins the clothespins, one after another,
To the line of clothes, already stiffening in the freezing temperature.
The bitter wind mercilessly lifts at the hem of her coat,
Attempting to blow through her clothes and whip at her back.

She briskly continues her loving tasks,
Unnoticed by the speeding motorists passing by.
Only our Lord sees her putting out her family’s laundry to dry,
Stretching out her arms,
Hanging out one wet article of clothing after another,
As only a mother’s love can.
Our Lord will never fail to notice all mothers’
Seemingly hidden loving acts of service to their families
All around the world.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, have mercy on us and pray for us.
Jesus, I trust in You!

Just after I posted this, I heard from Helen on Face Book telling me that she had posted something similar recently. I just love her post and her clothesline. Go take a look.


  1. I have a couple of blog post on line drying, if you look up my blog you can see the clothes pin bags I make and sell. If you want one, let me know:)

  2. Hi, Molly! I just checked out your blog. So beautiful, especially your header. Well, I was planning to post about home-made laudry soap tomorrow and I see you have a recipe too. :) Maybe I'll feature your clothes pin bags - so cute!

    God bless!


  3. Hi Donna-Marie! This is awesome about hanging your clothes out to dry. I absolutely LOVE the smell on my sheets! To me the smell beats any softener or detergent smell! I JUST made my own laundry soap and I use white vinegar instead of softener! It works great! :) I will post a picture soon of my laundry on the line, I already have Grace Cafe though! ;)

    God Bless your day!


  4. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for commenting. I know, nothing beats the smell - the freshness! That's neat about using white vinegar for softener. Can you tell us how you do it - what proportion, etc.? I'm posting about laundry soap today. Maybe you can chime in again later with your recipe!

    It's okay that you have Grace Cafe (I hope you like it!), you can have another book if you win. :) I have 2 new ones coming out too. :)

    blessings and hugs for your day!


  5. Hi Donna-Marie,
    Your post was quite timely. Just finished hanging out some towels in the bright, New England sunshine.
    Interestingly, a neighboring town forbids clotheslines.
    Thank you for your prayers and blogs.

  6. Hi Gail,

    Well, the nerve of them, huh?! Not allowing hanging of laundry! I just read a little news article this morning which is similar to that. I'll maybe post it soon.

    I hope you enjoyed hanging out your towels!

    God bless your day!

  7. I was inspired to tackle my laundry. I never mind washing it but leave a pile to be folded almost all the time. I know my husband appreciates not searching for socks and will be delighted.

    When I started I looked at the task and said "Oh there is SO much". Then I thought "OHH there IS so much....aren't we lucky". Granted most are hand-me-downs but we love that.

    I started thinking of the boys that go to school with my niece and nephew who all share a pair of shoes. Whomever among the 3 of them have gym get to wear the shoes that day, the others have to wear the socks with the leather bottoms.

    We ARE so lucky. Thanks for pointing out the little blessings that we sometimes miss in our busy lives.


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