Friday, June 5, 2009

We now have a winner!

There was no possibility of me choosing a winner based on what was written in your lovely comments regarding the deep joy you have discovered in your vocation of motherhood. Every one's sentiments expressed were awe-inspiring! There would be no way to choose one over another. I thank you all for sharing with one another. To choose the winner, I had my daughter pick the name out of a hat. :)

The winner of this book-give-away contest is Melanie B. who wrote, "What gives me the most joy in my domestic church are those moments when my daughters (3 and 15 months) pray spontaneously on their own. it might be a quick Hail Mary for the 3 yr old or folded hands for the baby when they hear a siren nearby. Or the 3 yr old asks if it's noon and then begins singing the Regina Caeli when I answer in the affirmative. When the baby reaches for a crucifix or an icon and wants me to tell her about it or give it a kiss. To know that I am teaching them to love God and talk to Him and to know that He is pouring forth His grace in response to my humble efforts and leading them near to His heart, that gives me the greatest joy.

Also seeing them playing together and hearing them laughing together, existing in their own private sister-world. To know that they love each other and take joy in each other. Oh my heart is so full of joy!"

So now, Melanie, just let me know if you already own "The Domestic Church: Room by Room" and if so, feel free to choose another of my books. If you don't have this book yet, please email me your address at so that I can send it right off to you. :)

Thanks again, everyone for sharing glimpses of your "domestic churches!" I'll have plenty more contests here. I'm hoping too that this blog will become a gathering place for all who wish to share and learn from one another so that we can be encouraged and content in our "domestic churches."

God bless your night!



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