Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Blessed Mother hanging laundry

Thanks to Jennifer, I now have this beautiful image of the Blessed Mother hanging laundry that I was seeking. It's called the "Polish Madonna."

Here's the description that came with the image: "This charming picture depicts Our Lady hanging laundry while the infant Jesus sits nearby. Polish legend has it that the bright warmth of the sun must shine upon the earth on Saturday, if only for a brief moment, in remembrance of Christ's infancy when on that day Mary would wash immaculately clean his swaddling clothes so that Sunday might find delight in witnessing the baby God in pure and fresh-scented dress."

I know that this blog by now must surely seem to be all about LAUNDRY. :) Hang in here (no pun intended) with me and you'll see that it will encompass every aspect of our domestic churches. :)

Dear Blessed Mother Mary, please look down upon my family. Protect us always from the snares of the devil. Help us to be open to one another in love. Please ask Jesus to grant us the graces we need most and help me to be the mother and wife that I am meant to be. Help me to embrace my vocation and all that it entails with a happy heart! Amen.


  1. Thank you so much for sending me the beautiful image! I love it too!

  2. This picture was gifted to me many years ago, I treasure it:)

  3. I have that image in my bedroom...
    I think it is lovely.
    I have some questions though...
    What mother on EARTH would set a clean NAKED baby in the dirt?
    Would Mary really have done the laundry on Saturday...which is the Jewish Sabbath???
    Maybe the story got a little mixed up over time?

  4. Elizabeth,

    I had the same thought - the Sabbath is Saturday. But the picture is lovely and inspiring. I think the artist is the one who came up with the naked little Jesus! The Blessed Mother wouldn't have let Him sit on the ground like that.


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