Monday, June 8, 2009

What's on your mind?

I remember vividly the lazy days of summer as a kid. I enjoyed the relaxed pace and being home or occasional day trips and the beach when I was lucky. :) Being one of eight kids, there was plenty to do at home. I sure had time in my pocket back then.

These days, life rolls by at a much more rapid pace. With summer soon upon us, what are your hopes and dreams for this time of year? What would you like to do with your family? Do you have any major goals or projects in mind? Are you planning to try to take it easy and just enjoy a time of relaxation, trips, refreshment? Have you ever thought of taking a pilgrimage type trip with your family? What do you do to keep prayer as part of your summer? I'll chime in later too.


  1. I loved those summer days you described. My mother was always home. There was something about a peanut butter sandwich served on a blanket in the yard that tasted so good.

    I want to give that peace of summer to my children too. My oldest is off to Kindergarten in the fall and I want him to have a last great summer. He is going to Summer Spirit and a week of additional camp. He is excited about that. I never wanted to go to camp but was a middle child among 4 children and there was always too much to miss at home. Other then those weeks we are going to hang out in our yard, play in our garden, go to the beach and try to slow time down for a bit.

    Now that my children are heading to school our yearly trips to Ireland (to see Granny and Grandad) will have to be summer trips. We will go there for most of August.

    Once my two boys are in school I will have to find some kind of job but am desperately hoping I can be home with them for the summers. They are such special times and I don't want them shuffled off every day to someone else, especially if that means they have to be put in with a huge group of kids.

    Enjoy your summer

  2. Jenni,

    I love your comment! It's so true about those peanut butter sandwiches out on a blanket. :) I was one of eight so like you, there was always a lot to do at home.

    Thanks so much for sharing and stick with your goal of trying to be home for your kids! It's so important.

    God bless you!


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