Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Isn't she sweet?

Laundry day...

Isn't she so cute? This is Sara, Jennifer's daughter. Sara loves doing laundry with her Mom! Jennifer is the first to send in photos of laundry day and will be entered into a contest to win a book!

I didn't get a chance to post my laundry soap recipe as I said I would. Sorry about that. It was a busy day and night. My daughter who is graduating from high school received two scholarships at a ceremony tonight. I am very proud of her. Since it's getting very late now, I'll visit with you tomorrow with that recipe.

Sweet dreams! With all of this laundry talk going on, you'll probably dream about folding towels or hanging clothes out on the line! But, just think of all of those graces. :)

God bless and hugs,


  1. She is cute, indeed! And congrats on your daughter's achievements. How wonderful!

  2. She's cute and she LOVES helping out on laundry day! She hands me the clothes pins and then puts them back in the bag when we're done! She also loves running through the clothes! :) I hope she will have good memories of doing laundry with her mama when she gets big!

  3. These times will be precious memories for both of you. Enjoy it all because children DO grow up quickly. My oldest is now 32 and I still can't believe how fast time pases.

    Thanks for sharing your photo and your daughter with us, Jennifer!

    God bless and hugs to you,

  4. Oh I wish we had a house so we could have a clothesline. We have a drier but sometimes when it's nice I hang the clothes instead on a metal drying rack :)

    Hugs, God bless,


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