Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Laundry - more laundry!

While this blog is not all about laundry, (it may seem so at this point!) I thought that while we're on the subject, I'd offer a couple of prayer verses today about that never-ending but grace-filled chore.

Love for Laundry: Folding Hail Mary’s

Laundry: a never-ending task,
Looming over me, growing beside me,
Requiring my time and lots of energy.
How can a mother embrace this job?

Quietly, I pray.
Folding my family’s clothes,
I think of them and of you, Lord,
Thankful for this blessing;
The awesome privilege
Of caring for them!

Dear Lord, please grant me all of the graces I need to see the hidden treasure in housework and in caring for my family!

(Excerpted from my book: Grace Cafe: Serving Up Recipes for Faithful Mothering, Circle Press)

In my Laundry Room

As I carefully fold my sheets,
Smoothing out the wrinkles,
Bringing corner to corner...
Lovingly, I think of You, my Lord.

The pile of laundry seemingly grows beside me,
As I strive to keep up
With this never-ending chore.

But, in my laundry room...
I thank You, my dear Lord,
For loving me and allowing me
To serve You in my family.

(Excerpted from my book: Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers, Our Sunday Visitor)

I'll be bringing you a home-made laundry soap recipe that I use, a bit later on today and maybe some other goodies as well. Stay tuned!

Enjoy the day and maybe you'll even get in some Hail Mary's as you tackle some chores. Go have some fun too!


  1. Love this, Donna-Marie. One of the many favorite things in your books.

    God bless, Hugs,

  2. Thanks so much, Heather. :) Blessings on your day and within your "domestic church"!


  3. I found myself noticing how small their little clothes are and thinking how very soon they will out grow them. I finished folding and hugged them so hard. I really got a lot from that basket of wash.

  4. Hi Jenni,

    I love your note! That is so sweet. Thank you for sharing. Isn't it amazing what can come out of doing our laundry for our families? God is so very good!

    God bless and hugs,


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